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Adrian Barkley

Adrian Barkley

Adrian has been leading teams in the finance sector for over a decade. He is highly experienced, and is responsible for ensuring that the latest news is delivered to you as it is breaking. He has a keen interest in virtual currencies, and has even made investments himself, so is incredibly passionate when it comes to writing about this topic.

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1st Playable deny Cooking Mama mining controversy

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Happy Easter from CryptoDaily!

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Could miner capitulation see bitcoin fall?

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The Current State Of Crypto Taxes Around The World

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Bitfarms forced to cut costs and staff over Coronavirus

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The Central bank in Korea launches CBDC pilot program for when the need arises…

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Ripple and the U.S. Navy: implementing blockchain

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Binance Respond to claims of embezzlement in November 2018

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Social capital CEO predicts BTC could hit the roof or the floor

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Could COVID-at 19 be a make or break situation for bitcoin?

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Following Binance's acquisition, can CoinMarketCap stay neutral?

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Stylometric techniques could help find Satoshi Nakamoto

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Why These Comments About Bitcoin Are Important

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The Growth of Bitcoin in Mainstream Media

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How will COVID-19 impact bitcoin in the long term?