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Adrian Barkley

Adrian Barkley

Adrian has been leading teams in the finance sector for over a decade. He is highly experienced, and is responsible for ensuring that the latest news is delivered to you as it is breaking. He has a keen interest in virtual currencies, and has even made investments himself, so is incredibly passionate when it comes to writing about this topic.

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US Congress Amend SEC Exchange Act - Good News For Crypto

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Why Blockchain Is Going To Dominate 2019

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Progress Being Made Between IOTA and Audi

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90% Of Monero Mined

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Binance Bullish With Launch Of New Exchanges

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Is Western Union Really Ready For XRP?

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Coincheck To Be Granted Operating License By Japan’s FSA

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CONFIRMED: Tether Can Afford To Keep USDT

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What Is The Proof Of Keys Crypto Event

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Bitcoin Millionaire Giving Out Free Money

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Why Banks Aren’t Utilising xRapid

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Banks Are Lending Out Money That They Don't Have!

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The Top dApps Bringing In More Users

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Ethereum Lend A Hand To Brazilian Bank For New Stablecoin

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How Ripple Are Playing The SEC With XRP

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TRON Reaches New Transaction Milestone