About Us

About Us

Crypto Daily is the home of blockchain economy. With our international reach, including offices in Singapore and the UK, our aim is to provide our worldwide audience with a perfect cryptocurrency news solution. Our website covers a variety of cryptocurrency news, from blockchain stories to currency comparisons, as well as up to date news on wallets, mining and crypto-exchanges.

We are proud of our network and our community. Our dedicated team strive to keep our customers up to date with the latest news and affairs. By using our website, you can be rest assured that our team have done the hard work for you. Our news is current, the prices are right and overall, our community is thriving. We are all very experienced within our individual fields, we want to share this experience, with you.

Crypto Daily doesn’t sleep. We are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our platform and to ensure our news is useful. What’s more, we aim to keep this service, totally free of charge.

Because we live stream real prices and real currency comparisons, our audience have access to fresh data which in turn can be used to shape wise and well trusted investment decisions. Our user-friendly interface means these decisions can be made quick and of course effectively.

Our news articles are generated by an in-house content creation team; however, we do encourage submissions from a range of guest writers, some of whom have very prolific careers within the cryptocurrency industry. Our interactive forum allows for an open community space in which we welcome discussions between our writers, our contributors and our audience, allowing for a space of fresh idea generation.

Meet some of the people, driving us into the crypto-revolution:

Our Team

COO – David Micheals

David has been involved in several successful businesses over the years, all of which have been developed through professionally designed finance websites that have in turn become world renowned across the markets.

David worked within the London Stock Market for seven years, during which time he specialised in Forex and Portfolio Management Resources, before moving onto Cryptocurrencies. David’s work has allowed him to develop various portfolios for clients each of which have boasted great degrees of success. David now heads the Crypto Daily team, overseeing the work of a dedicated group of individuals, who all strive to bring you the finest and most exclusive cryptocurrency news, day in, day out.

Project Manager – Carl Liver

Carl has been designing and managing websites even since the inception of Google. His journey began in the online hotel booking sector during which he played a vital role in the development of a now world-renowned hotel bookings website. From this, Carls career has seen him working for companies such as Standard Charted, Kelkoo and Opodo.

Carl’s passion for Cryptocurrency, has seen his work move towards the development of finance websites. He knows the cryptocurrency world is an exciting one and wants Crypto Daily to be able to share this with you.

Head of Social Media – Rheace Jones

Rheace leads the content creation team and ensures our news reaches all corners of the internet. His expertise in marketing and social media management ensures that no matter which social media accounts you use, you always have access to quality content from Crypto Daily. His underlying passion for cryptocurrency ensures that all content is written in a timely and professional manner, with relevant and important news stories hitting the headlines. Through working alongside Rheace, the content creation team are able to give Crypto Daily’s breaking news true international scope, through social media and beyond.

Head of Web Development – Scott Robinson

Scott is the lead web developer for Crypto Daily and heads the team in charge of developing both the Crypto Daily website and our accompanying Android and iOS applications. Scott has in excess of ten years-experience in high-end web development. Whilst Scott’s specialisms lie within back-end development, including APIs and CMS, his overall attention to detail means if something needs to be done, he will get it done fast, ensuring the Crypto Daily website remains seamless in operation and that the user experience is second to none.

Web Designer & Crypto Coin Miner – Gary Charnock

Gary is at the forefront of Crypto Daily’s web design, ensuring that our crucial news is presented in an easy to read, user-friendly format. Gary’s key skills lie within CSS and web design, but he also has a keen knowledge and ability to produce unique graphics and visuals which you can see on the Crypto Daily website. His experience stems over two years and has seen him work on large scale projects for high-traffic websites. Gary also has a passion for coin-mining and works on building coin-mining rigs, his knowledge in this area has proved to be essential to Crypto Daily.

Copywriter – Frances Crowhurst

Frances is a writer for Crypto Daily and a key part of the content creation team. As a writer, she is responsible for bringing you the most up-to-date, cutting edge news stories. Frances herself has a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and uses her writing experience to ensure her articles remain un-biased, clear and of course, relevant. Frances strives to keep Crypto Daily topped up with breaking news from around the world. Her stories are part of the resourceful Crypto Daily network which in turn ensures users of our website and mobile apps, always have the freshest news to hand.

Nathan Bentley Team Image

Copywriter – Nathan Bentley

As a key writer for Crypto Daily, Nathan’s role entails the creation of cutting edge news articles, reviews, press releases and general content creation. Nathan’s stories strive to include the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news and affairs, contributing to Crypto Daily’s growing network. Nathans previous experience as a researcher, working on University standard projects means he has a wealth of experience in writing, from academic thesis publication to independent research projects. By applying these research skills to Crypto Daily, we can ensure the content creation team really do know what they are talking about.

News Correspondent – Aidan Minter

Aidan has completed a PG DIP Journalism & NCTJ examinations and is well versed in all things Cryptocurrency. He has been writing about crypto and the blockchain revolution now for two years, developing a passion for an industry, that will only continue to grow.

Aidan is responsible for finding, discovering and dissecting cutting edge news, ready for the Crypto Daily website. By staying in tune and up to date, Aidan’s work means our news is always relevant, keeping you up to date with the most current crypto-affairs.

News Correspondent – Sarah Smith

By trade, Sarah has previous experience working as a trainer in the marketing and public relations industries. At Crypto Daily, Sarah works hard to locate fresh news for our content creation team. Her ability to pick out a legitimate news source is inspired by her previous experience as both a newspaper and magazine editor. By working with our writers, Sarah helps to ensure our news sources provide us with the key information we need, to write the news you love.

Jason Team Member Image

Head of Sales – Jason Hunt

As Head of Sales, Jason is responsible for ensuring the products offered by Crypto Daily are up to scratch. As a team, our approach is very open, Jason helps us to find the perfect product for our customers and not the other way around. No pushy cold calling and no harsh sales tactics, just honest communication. As a crypto-enthusiast, Jason has a keen eye for sales trends and takes great pleasure in observing market patterns that help us generate our content.

James Team Image

Marketing Consultant – James

James is a professional marketing consultant, working on behalf of Crypto Daily to help fine tune our marketing tactics. His experience as a business coach and sales funnel expert means his knowledge goes a very long way in ensuring that the word of Crypto Daily reaches the masses. Together, with James, we are able to capture more leads and drive real traffic into our network. Our marketing plan gives Crypto Daily the edge in ensuring that what we write, gets heard.

Team Image of Fakhan

Trading Analyst – Fakhan

Fakhan works as our in-house trading analyst at Crypto Daily. His publications refer to true analyses of market trends and patterns. His experience in the blockchain industry has seen him invest in multiple blockchain projects since 2016. Now, as a managing partner at Venturella, Fakhan works towards promoting online businesses with undiscovered niches. He believes in investing in good people and good projects. His extensive experience of following and trading capital markets over the years gives him great authority to contribute to the work done by Crypto Daily.


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