Rich Dad poor Dad author Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin $350,000 by August

Rich Dad poor Dad author Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin $350,000 by August

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Renowned financial author, entrepreneur, and billionaire Robert Kiyosaki recently posted a prediction of $350,000 for Bitcoin by August 2024. Although probably tongue in cheek on the prediction, Kiyosaki had plenty of advice for investors.

Robert Kiyosaki has never been known for his reticence or for sugar-coating any of what he has to say about investing, economy, politics, or education. He has very forthright views and is brutally honest in his statements on all these subjects.

The Kiyosaki rant

He posted a bit of a rant on X on Wednesday, giving an amazing prediction on Bitcoin for August this year, and saying that the reason for his high prediction was the incompetence of the US leaders in politics and finance.

Firstly, on his somewhat fantastical prediction of a price of $350,000 for Bitcoin by August this year, Kiyosaki admitted that this was “speculation”, and that it was “only a target, a dream, and a wish.” However, he did say that he was continuing to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana because of his certainty that their prices would rise.

Why Kiyosaki is so confident about the price rises for these assets is because of what he perceives as the “incompetence” of President Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. He calls them the “3-Stooges”, which gives his very derogative assumption of their abilities in their posts.

Kiyosaki ends his rant with advice to investors to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, and also adds gold and silver to the list.

Kiyosaki knows how to use social media

That Bitcoin should reach $350,000 by August is undoubtedly rather far-fetched, but Kiyosaki understands social media, and he knows that such a headline will be picked up on. The main thrust of his message to help and advise investors is to recommend that they buy assets that are outside of the monetary system - a system that is controlled by the political and financial leaders that he mentioned. 

His view is that the policies being acted upon by the “3 Stooges” will lead to further failure in the economic and political systems. Is he right? Many will agree or disagree with him, but the results and the facts will speak for themselves.

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