Cardano And XRP Holders Concerned. Could New Memecoin Raboo Be The Answer For Better Profits?

Cardano And XRP Holders Concerned. Could New Memecoin Raboo Be The Answer For Better Profits?

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The top altcoins, Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) are facing tough times in their trading charts, although for very different reasons. Cardano has been unimpressive all year, sitting out most of the token rallies despite intense development at the blockchain level. In Ripple's case, XRP's altcoin price is stuck, thanks to the ongoing lawsuit with the SEC.

Investors on both networks are concerned, even to the point of moving their deposits. Raboo(RABT) is a likely destination, offering both profits and prospects in the long run. The presale is on now, with 233% ROI up for grabs, in case you are wondering why $RABT tokens are the rage.

Here's what the market looks like now.

Cardano slips out of the top altcoins ranks amid stagnant trading

The meme coin craze in the crypto-verse has spread even to the top altcoins. Cardano got flipped out of the top 10 cryptocurrency list following Shiba Inu's spike during the week. That makes it two meme coins in the top ranks, and that's one indication of ADA's recent slump.

Yes, there has been speculation that Cardano's ETFs will become a reality, but all that talk hasn't benefited ADA's altcoin price. Ripple's CEO thinks ADA, XRP, and Solana will inevitably get their ETFs, but that reality might take some time to actualize.

Cardano has been 3.46% down in the past week, and even though Ethereum's news brought some uptrend, ADA is still lukewarm. With the network up against top blockchains like Solana and Ethereum, it's not likely we'll see much activity on ADA soon.

Ripple's ongoing court case is injuring token demand

It always seemed possible, but Ripple's draw-out lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is affecting the market situation. The market indicators are worrisome, especially for traders who are hoping to gain from the bull run, and even more recently, XRPhas had to deal with a major blow.

One of the Ripple whales, Rzn, has dumped about 51 million XRP tokens on various exchanges in the past day. The lawsuit and widespread uncertainty around Ripple's altcoin price predictions have started causing the first waves of selling pressure, and we might see even more on the XRP charts soon.

Ripple is trading 3% beneath its price tag from last week, and investors might be jumping ship a lot this week. After all, it's the bull run, and investors want their profits in the bag already.

In some other news, Raboo is an interesting choice for most investors. Here's what the new meme project has to offer.

Raboo's presale is drawing in the crypto-verse!

While many DeFi coins have had a hard time pumping during the bull run, meme coins have been all over the top gainers list. Raboo is one of the top trending memes, and it's not even launched yet.

Raboo's tokenomics depicts a project as dedicated to the community as it is ambitious for the top spots. With its post-to-earn feature in place, Raboo intends to reward users who contribute to its meme-creation process. Whenever users on the $RABT ecosystem post GIFs, videos, and pictures, they get token rewards in return.

Now, there's a 135-million token pool, and it's just for rewarding active users. Interestingly, you can start earning your $RABT rewards even before the tokens go live!

On long-term prospects, Raboo intends to usurp the top spots in the meme sector in no time at all. In the face of a constant stream of fresh, entertaining memes, Dogecoin and its doggy memes will soon be forgotten.

Overall, Raboo is offering both profits and plans for the future–and that's not even the end.


Raboo's profits for the presale are estimated at 233%, and already, the $RABT tokens are up by 60%. You can still tap into the presale gains, but there's a 100x potential when the top exchanges list Raboo on their trading options. Now at the Stage 4 Price of $0.0048

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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