Bitcoin and Ethereum Traders Surge While KangaMoon Market Cap Reaches New ATH After CoinMarketCap Listing

Bitcoin and Ethereum Traders Surge While KangaMoon Market Cap Reaches New ATH After CoinMarketCap Listing

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Owing to the price of the new meme coin KangaMoon rising to $0.025 per token amid the supply of 1 billion KANG tokens, the KangaMoon market cap has reached the $25 million mark. Meanwhile, traders of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top 2 cryptocurrencies, continue to increase. Let us find out more.

One Of The Best Meme Coins To Buy Is KangaMoon

With the current market recovery, KangaMoon (KANG) has seen its price soar to a new high of $0.025 during its ongoing presale, extending its gains in 2024 to an amazing 400%. Though this incredible performance has made KANG one of the best meme coins to buy, market analysts believe that it will keep rising in the next weeks.

New announcements state that the native token of KangaMoon, KANG, will be listed on BitMart, a tier-1 centralized exchange. Analysts believe that, although the exact listing date is unknown, KangaMoon's price may reach a new high above $1 during this historic occasion. Besides, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap already listed KANG.

Given its incredible rise, KANG appears to be the best cryptocurrency investment this quarter. With its innovative Social-Fi protocol, which has piqued the interest of cryptocurrency communities, KangaMoon has much more to offer. On KangaMoon, where the platform values community, taking part in challenges, competitions, and other events earn members KANG tokens.

As one gets more active in the community, they will earn more money. Interestingly, KangaMoon is one of the biggest meme coin initial coin offerings (ICOs) having raised over $7.4 million since its inception.

Bitcoin Price Movements Affected By US Data

Two important data points from the US were released recently, and the cryptocurrency market watched with great attention. These comprised the most recent unemployment claim statistics and the US GDP figures. Not long before these economic data were released, the Bitcoin pricewas about $68,050. The US GDP growth rate of 3.1%, as recently released, was in line with early projections.

In the meanwhile, the unemployment claims data showed a number of 219,000, which was a little higher than the expected 218,000. Trading at $68,135, Bitcoin was close to the crucial area between $67,000 and $69,000 after the data release. Moreover, the Bitcoin market cap has also witnessed an increase. Currently, at $1.352 trillion, the Bitcoin market cap has increased moderately by 1.19%.

Ethereum Price Rises Amid Increase In Addresses

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has pointed up a significant rise in the number of Ethereum addresses holding 10,000 or more Ethereum coins in recent events within the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem. Martinez pointed up that this suggests a change from distribution to accumulation. According to this observation, big Ethereum holders' sentiments have changed significantly.

The most recent increase in accumulation is timed to coincide with the recent Ethereum priceincrease, which has been supported by the acceptance of Ethereum spot ETF applications. The increase in Ethereum coins holdings among these big addresses suggests that institutional and large-scale investors are growing more and more upbeat about Ethereum's future.

Will KangaMoon’s Market Cap Reach 9-Figures Soon?

Although the price of KangaMoon has been increasing during its current presale, some of its supporters are unsure if, after the token is released to the general public, KANG will outperform other popular coins. With KangaMoon's current market capitalization of $25 million, it is less expensive to pump the price of this meme coin which will in turn boost the market cap accordingly, therefore the market cap could reach the 9-figure mark after it’s listing.

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