$KHABY - simplicity comes to blockchain!

$KHABY - simplicity comes to blockchain!

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Prepare for a tidal wave of awesomeness – 1000 videos from KHABY all about crypto!

The Legend returns

Guess who's back? It's the legend himself, Khaby!

The Legend returns: KHABY Takes on Crypto

The legend is back and diving into crypto – Khaby style!

KHABY spreads the good

KHABY is here, spreading goodness and crypto knowledge!
KHABY brings tokens to the Moon!

With KHABY in the game, crypto will never be the same.

The great equalizer: KHABY simplifies crypto

The great equalizer is here – KHABY is making crypto simple!

The legendary TikTok star Khaby Lame owns a 50% of crypto projects now. The twist? Khaby doesn’t even know about it yet.

Memecoins are at their peak now, and $KHABY may be the most creative and unexpectedly well prepared project.

What’s happening:

  • 50% for Khaby.
    Half of the team’s tokens are reserved for Khaby Lame! The premise is - once he finds out that he owns a big chunk of free cash, and he will, $KHABY will go TO THE MOON. Community is already conquering one all-time-high after another to achieve this. 

  • Epic marketing campaign.
    Team prepared 1000 tiktok videos to publish daily until they hit viral and get Khaby’s attention.

  • Mass adoption airdrop.
    There’s a solid project behind the coin: an immersive chatbot in different languages that gets the audience through 14 days of elementary crypto education. And anyone can jump into the training course and get the Khaby tokens daily. The whole experience is fun and so simple, you can share the bot link with your cat to let him buy his own food himself.

  • All you need is Telegram!
    No SMS or registrations required.

  • Community-driven token.
    Created by the community for the community and the man himself, Khaby Lame – a symbol of simplicity and fun!

Project tokenomics follows the Pareto Principle:

  • 80% liquidity on DEX/CEX

  • 20% marketing

Khaby has 250 billion followers: $KHABY sets a big goal of adopting 100 billion users through their bots, tutorials, tap-games, unexpected partnerships and so on. 

Khaby is already a partner with Binance and a viral sensation. We’re at the heart of the meme fever right now! It’s never been easier to be part of crypto history.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?! Simple and genius – no need to reinvent the wheel. Do it like Khaby – keep it simple.

With Khaby at the helm, the next stop is definitely the moon!

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