New Cryptocurrency Green Bitcoin (GBTC) To List On Uniswap Tomorrow

New Cryptocurrency Green Bitcoin (GBTC) To List On Uniswap Tomorrow

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New cryptocurrency Green Bitcoin (ticker $GBTC) has announced the date it will go live on Uniswap - in just under 24 hours on April 5. 

This news comes shortly after the viral new crypto project successfully concluded its presale, which raised more than $9 million.

A greener iteration of Bitcoin, also offering users a unique Predict-to-Earn system, $GBTC will list on Uniswap on April 5 at 13:00 UTC.



To raise awareness the project is also running an airdrop giveaway for followers of its Twitter.

Introducing New Cryptocurrency $GBTC

Green Bitcoin is an ERC-20 crypto, providing users with a more sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, it is not subject to the same energy consumption issues as the world’s leading crypto.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) is not only environmentally friendly but also offers a low-entry point for investors. Utilizing the Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus mechanism it provides an opportunity for those who have stayed on the crypto sidelines due to Bitcoin’s expensive nature.

Green Bitcoin goes beyond its standard eco-friendly fundamentals. It has introduced two novel mechanisms that set it apart from the original BTC, promising an exciting new era in cryptocurrency.

One is the staking perk, which gives users long-term gains for holding GBTC, and the other is a gaming utility that lets investors use their crypto knowledge to predict BTC's price over the next 24 hours.

Gamified Green Staking - Adding a Betting Element to Staking

With “gamified green staking,” Green Bitcoin has added an active element to the passive action of holding GBTC tokens. New challenges will be announced every week, and participants can earn up to a 100% token bonus.

The crypto has dedicated 27.50% of the total supply to this gaming perk, equivalent to 5.8 million tokens. The reward pool will be distributed over two years, ending by December 31st, 2025.

By weaving the standard staking system with Bitcoin’s price movements, this “predict-to-earn” mechanic will allow people to stake their tokens and forecast whether Bitcoin's price will rise or fall. 

Once the bets are placed, GBTC will accumulate rewards every 10 minutes. Those who make the right guess will be rewarded with their proportional share of the daily staking reward pool.


Why Invest in Green Bitcoin?

From introducing predict-to-earn to offering a more sustainable version of the world’s leading crypto, Green Bitcoin is a project with multiple perks. However, here are the key reasons why it is a worthy investment.

Long-Term Upsides Due to Gamified Staking

The introduction of gamified staking brings long-term perks to this project. By motivating people to actively engage with the market and stake their GBTC tokens, Green Bitcoin will keep itself relevant on social media platforms for a long time. It could invite more buyers into the ecosystem.

Utility-Focused Alternative to Bitcoin

People have been looking for a greener alternative to Bitcoin, and over the past year, multiple versions have emerged. However, Green Bitcoin’s approach goes beyond mimicking the original crypto’s tokenomics. It is gamifying staking and introducing a unique utility that pushes GBTC beyond a quick buy-and-sell asset.

Passively Tied to Bitcoin’s Growth

Like all tokens currently prevalent on the market, Green Bitcoin is passively tied to Bitcoin’s growth. However, due to its name, tokenomics, and the fact that it has integrated its gaming utility with predicting Bitcoin’s price action, the project is more intertwined with Bitcoin than other projects. 

One crypto whale has already invested 25 ETH in $GBTC, according to Etherscan.

Green Bitcoin Launching on a CEX After Its DEX Listing?

Six days after Green Bitcoin goes live on Uniswap, it will also start trading on a CEX.

The developers haven’t revealed which centralized exchange will list GBTC. However, they have tweeted that the announcement will come on April 10th, 2024.

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