DeeStream Draws Ethereum Hedge Funds As Wave of 17,800 Users Bolstered by Solana Holder Investments for April's Bull Run

DeeStream Draws Ethereum Hedge Funds As Wave of 17,800 Users Bolstered by Solana Holder Investments for April's Bull Run

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DeeStream seems to be the top pick for investors in Solana holders and Ethereum hedge funds. It introduces groundbreaking streaming methods that benefit creators and viewers alike. This fresh approach according to analysts can appreciate DeeStream's value by 100X. Moreover, DeeStream offers exceptional features that distinguish it from rivals such as Twitch and YouTube. The increasing interest from Solana and Cardano users, who are always on the lookout for new platforms, indicates that DeeStream is poised for significant success.

Van Eck predicts Ethereum layer 2s to hit $1T market cap by 2030

Analysts from investment firm Van Eck predict that Ethereum's layer 2 scaling networks will reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion within six years. These networks will consist of numerous specialized chains catering to specific use cases. Layer-2 blockchains are positioned to take advantage of Ethereum's main problem, which is its struggle with handling large amounts of data efficiently. 

They mentioned that Ethereum is now working on improving how it handles transaction data on its layer-2. This can be seen in the recent Dencun update, which introduced a feature called "Blobs" to reduce fees for layer-2 transactions by saving data in a specialized way. At the moment, there are 46 different Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, collectively holding $39 billion in assets. The biggest among them is Arbirtum, securing a staggering $18 billion.

Solana Price Prediction After Bitcoin Halving

Solana has become the hottest coin of the moment, taking the market by storm with its impressive price surge, it has surged more than. While Bitcoin reached record highs, other coins also saw a boost in their prices. However, Solana stood out because of its remarkable performance, driven by its growing ecosystem and the success of presale projects.

The Bitcoin halving is coming soon and it's expected to increase the prices of top cryptocurrencies according to analysts. This event might cause Bitcoin's price to fluctuate a bit before reaching a new all-time high. Interestingly, similar events have also led investors to show more interest in other major cryptocurrencies, which could boost their potential. According to crypto experts, Solana can surge more than 204% post-halving if the market again trends like it did before this month. 

DeeStream taking the spotlight in 2024

Ever since DeeStream gained attention, both Solana and Ethereum investors have been behind the presale of DeeStream which is currently at stage 2 and priced at $0.06. What sets DeeStreamapart is its distinct market features, even though there are plenty of other tokens out there. DeeStream is paving the way as the first online platform in the Web3 era, focusing on decentralization for streamers. Not only can streamers grow their fanbase through its unique market features, but users can also invest in the DeeStream token to share in its profits.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here.

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