Venom Foundation Ushers in a New Blockchain Era with Mainnet Launch

Venom Foundation Ushers in a New Blockchain Era with Mainnet Launch

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In a significant leap for blockchain innovation, the Venom Foundation is excited to announce its mainnet launch with a $VENOM token generation event, marking a pivotal development in digital assets and ecosystems. Venom, as an asynchronous and scalable blockchain, is fostering innovation in finance solutions, having signed various MOUs on different government levels, to explore areas of Central Bank Digital Currencies, fiat-backed stablecoins, and Real-World-Asset tokenization.

Venom Blockchain's impressive strides in the industry are underscored by its collaboration with MNG Airlines, a dominant force in Turkey's air cargo market with over 85% share, that uses blockchain technology to enhance aviation logistics. Furthermore, Venom's allure is magnified by the strategic investment from Alpha MBM Investments Group focused on launching digital currency initiatives across Africa. These developments highlight Venom's active involvement in these regions and its dedication to establishing a sophisticated regulatory framework and innovative cryptocurrency solutions.

Strategic Growth and Technological Innovations

With the mainnet launch, Venom is set to redefine digital asset interactions, driving innovation and expanding access within the blockchain domain through strategic partnerships and technological advancements, where the $VENOM token plays a crucial role in the utility of blockchain.

In terms of market presence, Venom has settled listings on centralized and decentralized exchanges, amplifying the accessibility of the $VENOM token. These listings are a significant step in ensuring that the company is ready to transfer into a new era, with availability to a global audience, thus facilitating wider adoption and integration into the crypto market.

During its Testnet phase, the Venom Blockchain achieved remarkable milestones, processing 972 million transactions, establishing 164 million accounts, creating 2.9 million wallets, and minting 35.6 million NFTs, notable highlight was the minting of over 1,000,000 NFTs within just 7 days after the testnet snapshot, showcasing the platform's robust capabilities and community involvement. 

The Venom ecosystem is thriving, with around 150 projects in development and 25 dApps on the Testnet. The first Venom Hackathon's success, with 398 project submissions, highlights the community's engagement and innovation. The announced 'Early Mainnet Birds' program, for the early-mainnet participants, encourages collaboration across various sectors, offering participants early access benefits and additional token incentives for the ecosystem projects. Contributors can apply by filling out the provided “Early-Mainnet-Birds” form

Innovating with Mesh Technology

Venom Blockchain fosters widespread adoption of blockchain technology through a novel macro infrastructure concept called Mesh Networks. That technology facilitate secure interchain communication, enabling seamless integration and deployment of blockchains

by sovereign nations and institutions while ensuring security and reaching mass populations

through decentralized networks.

It will increase transaction speeds, fortify decentralization, and ensure reliable message delivery, embodying Venom's commitment to pushing the boundaries of user experience and empowering the establishment of new networks with complete control over their economics and gas metrics. 

Mesh technology empowers a wide array of sectors, including businesses and governments, to harness the power of blockchain more effectively. With Venom, entities ranging from enterprises to banks and state institutions can now engage in higher levels of interchain communication. Additionally, this technological leap offers a solid bottomline for developing finance and government solutions, like CBDCs and fiat-backed stablecoins, alongside fostering the Venom ecosystem where contributors can build their products in smoothless way, underscoring Venom's unique positioning in the blockchain landscape.

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