Maitreja Announces Launch of Innovative Social Network and App Suite with Blockchain Integration

Maitreja Announces Launch of Innovative Social Network and App Suite with Blockchain Integration

Brno, Czech Republic, March 31st, 2024, Chainwire

Maitreja, a trailblazing technology non-profit, is poised to revolutionize social networking and application development with its emphasis on user empowerment, authentic connections, and blockchain technology integration. At the heart of its initiative is, a pioneering social network platform, accompanied by a dynamic suite of mobile applications, all designed to promote genuine interactions, mutual respect, and secure transactions within a blockchain-secured ecosystem.

Innovative Social Networking and Strategic Expansion

Maitreja's flagship platform,, stands out as the first network to offer users the ability to customize their algorithm preferences, thereby enhancing the authenticity and relevance of social interactions. With an expected user base exceeding 100,000 by this summer, is ambitiously targeting a substantial global audience. The platform is accessible for free, with a subscription model to ensure ongoing growth and sustainability. An innovative airdrop program is also set to reward creators with MAIT tokens in April, further encouraging high-quality content creation.

The expansion continues beyond Maitreja is introducing mobile applications such as Tellmee, Mait Chat, and Mait Play (expected to launch in the second quarter of 2024), each designed for a unique purpose—from secure messaging and genuine video creation to educational content distribution. These apps will facilitate both cryptocurrency and fiat transactions, showcasing Maitreja's flexible approach to financial operations.

Maitreja has eight more apps waiting in the wings, including the revolutionary Mait Vote for blockchain-based voting or Mait Market for the sale of goods and services between users.

Robust Financial Framework and Tokenomics

Maitreja's strategic financial planning includes securing a $1 million investment and launching an initial ICO of the MAIT token to back product development. The ICO provides financial support and involves the community in governance through voting rights. A forthcoming staking program promises profit sharing with token holders, aiming to enhance the token's value and encourage community participation.

The MAIT token, built on the Ethereum network and capped at 720 million units, is set to become more valuable after March 31, 2024, with its price increasing from $1 USDT to 1.2 USDT. Maitreja has put forward additional incentives for long-term token commitments, including a 10% bonus for a two-year lock-in period, underlining the project’s dedication to longevity and financial health. The team aims for the MAIT token to be open for public trading by the turn of 2025/2026.

Unlocking Potential: Maitreja’s Strategy for Community and Investor Growth

Maitreja’s approach is deeply rooted in innovation, user empowerment, and a structured financial model that offers a compelling proposition for both investors and community members. The project emphasizes tangible product development and strategic financial incentives to foster engagement and investment in a manner that eschews speculative behavior.

As Maitreja continues to build its comprehensive suite of applications, leveraging blockchain for enhanced security and transparency, it invites individuals and investors alike to explore the possibilities within its growing ecosystem.

For more information or to engage with Maitreja's visionary projects, interested parties can visit the official websites, and

About Maitreja Organisation

Maitreja organisation is a technological non-profit organisation focused on connecting everyday applications to the world of crypto with the intention of improving the positive impact of technology on today's society. Our team is transparent and traceable and we have been working on our mission since 2014.

Ladislav Kocian
MAITREJA organization
[email protected]

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