What Should You Buy if You Want To Turn $500 Into $50,000 in Crypto?

What Should You Buy if You Want To Turn $500 Into $50,000 in Crypto?

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If you want to turn a $500 investment into $50,000, keep an eye on three cryptocurrencies: Pullix(PLX), Celestia (TIA), and Sui (SUI). All of these are altcoins to watch due to their growth potential. While you may be familiar with TIA and SUI, PLX is a Stage 7 presale star already selling over 90 million tokens. Many analysts even peg it as the next 100x token in 2024.

Pullix (PLX): An Excellent Crypto ICO Event Performance

Pullix (PLX) enters the scene with a potential lunch in just 70 days. Set to be one of the most unique trading platforms in recent memory, this DeFi project will combine the best DEX and CEX features into one. As a result, traders worldwide will experience low trading fees, deep liquidity, and access to all asset classes (including cryptos) in one place.

Global investors are now rushing to the Pullix crypto ICO event. In Stage 7, Pullix has raised close to $5.5M and onboarded over 15,000 users. In other words, the crypto community is showing great faith and confidence in Pullix's long-term growth potential.

One of the standout Pullix features is its profit-sharing model, which benefits PLX native token stakers. To clarify, Pullix will take a percentage of its daily revenue and turn it into rewards for PLX stakers. The more trades on Pullix - the more rewards for stakers.

Additionally, Pullix will introduce a token burn feature to benefit long-term PLX holders. For this reason, countless individuals are stocking up on PLX as one token now costs just $0.10. This is a 150% growth from its starting price. But, only two presale stages are left, and experts predict a 100x pump once this altcoin hits exchanges in Q1 of 2024.

Celestia Price Reaches New All-Time High

Recently, Celestia (TIA) has seen some exciting growth. In fact, the Celestia price reached a new all-time high of $20.79 on February 9, 2024. Over the past month alone, this altcoin has surged from $14.60 to $19.88. During that time, its market cap has increased from $2.27B to $3.23B.

Sentiment for the Celestia crypto is also bullish, with 14 technical indicators in the green. For this reason, crypto experts have made a bullish Celestia price prediction. They forecast a surge to $20.15 in March 2024.

Sui (SUI): New Ambassador Program

Meanwhile, Sui (SUI) has also made headlines. Most notably, Sui announced a new ambassador program. This development will help the Sui crypto community contributors increase their influence and contributions, engaging them to grow the community faster.

This Sui news may cause a rally for this crypto. In terms of its price movement, it has grown from $0.77 to $1.63 in the past 30 days. In that period, its market cap has surged from $877M to $1.89B. Over 23 technical indicators are bullish, causing experts to remain confident in Sui’s growth. They forecast a surge to $1.63 before March 2024 ends.

Will Pullix Surge See Faster Growth Than Celestia and Sui?

With a market cap of $20M, Pullix can explode and reach $50,000 faster than Celestia and Sui. In other words, PLX needs less new money poured in for its price and returns to grow faster. This low market cap makes this altcoin an attractive bet for traders who want huge profits from a small investment.

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