What is the Best New Meme Coin to Buy? The List of the Best Meme Coins to Buy and HODL in 2024

What is the Best New Meme Coin to Buy? The List of the Best Meme Coins to Buy and HODL in 2024

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Over the past few years, meme coins have progressively gained popularity. For the first time, meme coins are receiving recognition as an asset class from individual and institutional investors. There has never been as much interest in the meme coin market as there has been in 2024.

But with over 1,500 projects, it could be difficult for the average investor to choose which is the best meme coin to buy. In this article, we shall investigate six meme coins that are worth adding to your portfolio in 2024. They are Bonk, Floki, Pepe coin, dogwifhat, Memecoin, and KangaMoon.

Top Meme Coins To Watch in 2024

1. Bonk (BONK)

Bonk (BONK), one of the top meme coins in the Solana ecosystem, has emerged as the third-largest meme coin. It capitalized on the expansion as the growth of the Solana blockchain, attracting investors across the meme coin space.

The meme coin hit an all-time high of $0.00003419 on December 15th, 2023, before dropping to $0.00001037 – $0.00001444 in 2024.

The coin's volatility mirrors the nature of meme assets. Yet, its underlying blockchain gives it practical usage in decentralized finance (DeFi), thanks to Solana's speed and low transaction costs.

2. Floki (FLOKI)

Floki (FLOKI) combines project development with the allure of meme culture. Taking its name from Elon Musk's dog, it goes beyond being a meme to promote useful projects including an educational platform, a retail store called FlokiPlaces, and a game metaverse called Valhalla.

These initiatives demonstrate Floki's dedication to innovation and teaching in the meme coinindustry. It offers a special fusion of useful applications and meme culture that could completely change the use of meme currencies.

3. dogwifhat (WIF)

Dogwifhat (WIF) is a meme coin that has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency community, especially on the Solana network. It features the mascot, a Shiba Inu dog wearing a pink crochet cap. Despite its simple nature, Dogwifhat quickly gained a large market capitalization of over $400 million.

It has also established a growing community on platforms such as X, where it engages with followers via meme-related content.

4. PepeCoin (PEPE)

A meme coin called PepeCoin (PEPE) quickly became widely recognized due to its relationship with an existing meme "Pepe the Frog." In mid-April 2023, PepeCoin's launch truly captured the interest of meme investors and the crypto community as a whole.

After being launched, PepeCoin's market capitalization started growing quickly, passing the $1b mark before it came under massive pressure from sellers.

As has been the case with any popular meme coin, PepeCoin's fluctuation is unpredictably erratic, but it's meme's widespread acceptance gives this meme coin an edge over other meme coins.

5. Memecoin (MEME)

Memecoin (MEME) is an Ethereum-based new meme token developed by Memeland, a Web3 startup funded by 9GAG. It was meant for entertainment, with no utility, functions, or promises of financial gain.

Memeland, the company behind Memecoin, intends to combine social media and cryptocurrency to create a thriving community around meme culture. Future plans for Memeland include various Web3 initiatives geared at meme enthusiasts and makers, which could provide further utility for the Memecoin within the Memeland ecosystem.

6. KangaMoon (KANG)

KangaMoon differs from ordinary meme currencies in that it incorporates play-to-earn (P2E) and Social-Fi features into its native token, KANG. KANG is an essential component of the game, allowing investors to put bets on tournaments and engage in challenges.

The good news is that winners receive tokens and in-game assets, making this one of the best meme coins to buy. Additionally, KANG token holders can start using the platform to accumulate more tokens before it officially launches so join in now for only $0.0075 before it's too late.

All they have to do is compete in challenges that occur weekly, monthly, and quarterly to win KANG tokens and rewards. Players can trade or sell these rewards on KangaMoon's NFT marketplace to earn more tokens.

Top 2024 Trends in the Meme Coin Market

In 2024, meme coins are expected to continue playing an important role in the cryptocurrency industry and draw a lot of attention from investors. Recent industry changes include: 

Top meme coins, such as Floki, expand into DeFi, NFTs, and virtual worlds to form a more holistic project.
BONK: This token has risen up the rank riding on its connection to the Solana blockchain to become the third-largest dog-themed meme coin by market capitalization in the meme coin space.
The goal of KangaMoon is to introduce a play-to-earn (P2E) and social-fi meme coin community that will allow users to earn tokens on the site.
VCs are currently funding meme coins. One notable Memecoin investment made by Binance Labs to grow the Memeland ecosystem.


The meme coin market is one sector that will continue to grow in the coming years. Instead of just depending on the hype surrounding meme coins, different projects are now throwing utility into the mix and going into different areas like NFTs, DeFi, Play-to-Earn, and virtual worlds.

With the crypto bull run coming in 2024, Bonk, Floki, Memecoin, and KangaMoon could become the next meme coins to rule the market.

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