Solana (SOL) Rival at $0.01, Predicted to Reach $15 in 2024

Solana (SOL) Rival at $0.01, Predicted to Reach $15 in 2024

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Did you hear about Solana’s recent outage? The high-profile blockchain recently suffered an extended network outage from surging demand. This outage underscores capacity constraints in balancing throughput speed and decentralization. This has caused serious concern among investors. Speculations over Solana’s price for 2024 are, although still positive, dramatically less hopeful than prior to the outage. 

If you're one of those people worried about the megacoin’s future, it’s perhaps best to look towards other projects. One project that comes to mind is the rising star Pandoshi. 

Pandoshi: Rising Star With More Stability than Solana

Pandoshi is an ambitious rival to Solana. It adopts a meticulous approach towards scalability by incorporating innovations like a modular architecture for easy upgradability, multi-chain interoperability features, and optimized throttling allowing usage expansion without congestion or security compromise. This sustainably scales transaction speeds exponentially while affording seamless integration of external blockchain networks for future commercialization needs years ahead.

So in short, Pandoshi scales more sustainably than Solana by avoiding architectural restrictions hampering traditional legacy networks. 

Pandoshi’s Extensive Suite of Products

Unlike niche competitors, Pandoshi prioritizes wide accessibility by catering to overlooked demographics. It does so through mobile apps, debit card integrations, play-to-earn gaming, educational content and more. This catering to a wider overlooked audience brings easy avenues towards cryptocurrency onboarding by everyday consumers. This distinguishes its roadmap from chains like Solana that are geared mostly towards token traders.

Embedded Token Deflation Adds Further Value

Pandoshi’s native token PAMBO enjoys embedded deflationary advantages. All ecosystem activity across Pandoshi’s associated product suite contributes towards burning token supply. This scarce availability against deepening demand establishes economics supporting exponentially greater adoption-adjusted valuation.

Put simply, the higher the demand, the more scarce the token becomes. This simple yet efficient strategy is mathematically built for a price-booming formula. 

Ongoing Presale Opportunity Below $0.01

PAMBO is currently in its fifth and final stage of its presale. The token can be purchased for $0.01 a piece right now. 

Once the presale is over, Pandoshi will then only be available on exchange listings at exponentially higher prices than the presale rates. Official predictions have it entering the market at rates as high as $1 per token. So it’s best for prospective buyers to act quickly as the longer they wait, the lower their returns will be. 

Pandoshi Is the Best Alternative to Solana for 2024

Given its multifaceted advantages on both technology sophistication and extensive offerings beyond just trading, Pandoshi offers unmatched investment upside exposure. It’s hands down the best alternative to Solana for this year. If you ask us, we place it even higher than Solana and not by a small margin. The gains to be made from this rising token are far more massive than what you're likely to get from SOL. 

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