Worldcoin Developer Tools For Humanity Teams Up With Web3 SuperApp Kresus

Worldcoin Developer Tools For Humanity Teams Up With Web3 SuperApp Kresus

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Tools For Humanity – the developer behind Worldcoin – and web3 “SuperApp” Kresus have announced a strategic partnership. The arrangement will see both parties collaborate on initiatives that should enhance their respective projects, drawing upon the inherent strengths of each. The first step in realizing this partnership will see the Kresus app gain new authentication capabilities with the aid of World ID 2.0 as famously used in Worldcoin.

Kresus is part of a new breed of seedless crypto wallets that take a radical approach to the challenge of mnemonic phrases and the hurdle they present to new web3 users especially. The workaround, in the case of Kresus, is to provide alternative authentication methods that are more familiar to users accustomed to web2 apps. It’s here that the first opportunity for collaborating with Tools For Humanity emerges.

World ID for Secure Authentication

Kresus intends to integrate World ID, the “human passport for the internet” that’s a cornerstone of Worldcoin. This provides a means for users to verify their identity without risking having their data shared with third parties or exposed to hackers. This is because World ID is a form of Decentralized Identifier (DID) in which the data remains on the user’s device rather than on a centralized database.

Naturally, web3 applications such as the Kresus SuperApp are products that are tailor-made for World ID. From the perspective of a wallet developer, it allows for integrated services that require user verification such as a fiat onramp. But at the same time, it frees the developer from the burden of needing to store this data, complete with the security and compliance burden this carries.

According to Kresus Labs founder Trevor Traina, “Proof of Personhood will become an essential component of the web3 ecosystem. As such, this collaboration is an excellent enhancement to the work we have already done in supporting web3 identity." Proof of Personhood describes World ID 2.0, Tools For Humanity’s solution for user verification within web apps. It’s suited for both web2 and web3 applications.

A Symbiotic Partnership

While Kresus will benefit from integrating World ID, it will also be helping Tools For Humanity in return. Kresus Labs will advise the Worldcoin developer on product strategy and technical implementation. Kresus will also share strategic experience with the Tools team. Alex Blania, CEO and Co-Founder of Tools for Humanity, believes that “our teams expect to learn a lot from each other in terms of product strategy and technical implementation over the coming months.”

The Kresus SuperApp aims to serve as a universal application for accessing the best that web3 has to offer. Yes, it’s a wallet first and foremost, but it’s also a whole lot more. As Kresus explains, “We curate interesting web3 finds, teach you how to mint your first NFT, offer ongoing education about the evolving landscape, and connect you with exciting communities.” With World ID integrated, the SuperApp is about to extend its superpowers.

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