Polygon (MATIC) Killer Pandoshi Presale Stage 4 Selling Out Faster Than Expected

Polygon (MATIC) Killer Pandoshi Presale Stage 4 Selling Out Faster Than Expected

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More lucrative investment opportunities are propping up in the cryptocurrency space with interesting emerging crypto occupying the top gainers. One such token is PAMBO, Pandoshi’s native token. Pandoshi has been attracting remarkable interest from crypto investors. PAMBO has been on an upward soar from the onset of its launch, turning heads with its latest achievement. In just 5 days into its fourth phase of presale, Pandoshi has raised over $1.6 million and has sold 66% of the tokens allocated to phase 4. The presale is set to sell out way ahead of schedule indicating the growing confidence and attractiveness of this DeFi project. 

Let’s dive into why Pandoshi’s presale is a massive success and what makes PAMBO outshine its rivals, impressing the entire crypto community in such a short time:

The ‘Polygon Killer’ Pandoshi

Having outdone Polygon with its outstanding features, Pandoshi seems to have earned the name ‘Polygon Killer’ as it’s commonly referred to in the crypto world. Interoperability and Scalability are some of the issues that Polygon struggles with while Pandoshi does not.

Interoperability is an essential characteristic of blockchain and DeFi projects. The team behind Pandoshi ensured that, unlike most DeFi projects, interoperability won’t be a challenge for Pandoshi. PandoshiSwap, Pandoshi’s decentralized exchange (DEX), will support multiple chains through its internal bridge feature; enabling seamless transfer of assets from one to the other.  

As the official liquidity pool for PAMBO, PandoshiSwap will support all ecosystem tokens as well as other tokens created by the Pandoshi community for diverse purposes. This will make it easier for PAMBO users to navigate the crypto space easily compared to other blockchain networks.

Major blockchain networks like Polygon and Ethereum still face scalability issues. Yet, Pandoshi is making a bold move by introducing its blockchain, PandaChain, which offers high scalability. One outstanding feature of PandaChain is the zkEVM, which facilitates zero-knowledge proofs on EVM-compatible chains. This provides for both privacy and scalability. Moreover, PandaChain won't be plagued with high gas fees, which is a characteristic of Ethereum. Polygon was termed “Ethereum Killer”. However, Pandoshi’s Pandachain beats both Ethereum and Polygon by enabling transaction completion in seconds at mere fractions of a cent.

Rapid Progress With Presale at Phase 4

With investors buying over $300,000 worth of Pandoshi (PAMBO) tokens daily, the fourth phase of presale is about to sell out faster than anticipated. If the pace persists, Pandoshi will enter its final phase of presale in about 2-3 days. This remarkable advancement demonstrates the high expectations and confidence crypto investors have for the potential of PAMBO. The presale has been proceeding at an increasing speed from the moment Pandoshi was launched. 

The recent release of the Pandoshi Wallet, the multi-chain, and non-custodial wallet by Pandoshi, may have sparked the interest of investors even more. Notably, the wallet enables the staking of assets within the wallet and allows users to trade even without owning the native token. Pandoshi has gained massive attention and is set to maintain the momentum of growth into the future.

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