3 Cryptocurrencies Predicted to Multiply by 100x in Value in 2024

3 Cryptocurrencies Predicted to Multiply by 100x in Value in 2024

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This year the crypto space is filled with bullish predictions on most cryptocurrencies. Quite several crypto holders claim their holdings have the potential to grow 100X in 2024. This optimism is largely caused by two events; the 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs approval by US SEC that happened on 10 January 2024 and the anticipated approval of Ethereum ETFs.  

As the crypto investment environment improves, investors' risk appetite is increasing. This has led to numerous series of crypto market analyses and predictions aimed at helping investors make informed choices.

So, let’s dive into the 3 most recommended cryptocurrencies for 2024 and help investors make sense of the crypto market.

Solana (SOL), Track Record of Price Surge

Solana (SOL) has been showing an overall remarkable performance; having recorded up to over 10,000% price surge at one point. In fact, SOL was among the top cryptocurrencies in 2023 in terms of ROI. Between January 2023 and December 2023, SOL price rose by approximately 1100%; performing way better than BTC that experienced a 160% increase.

Despite FTX selling its SOL holdings, the price of Solana didn't experience any significant decline. As such, analysts have bullish predictions for SOL; it has the potential to multiply by over 100X.

Ethereum (ETH) Possible Growth with Ethereum ETF

Ethereum, the second largest crypto by market cap, has also caught the attention of crypto experts. Analysts are optimistic about ETH suggesting that it might shoot 100X the current price.  Despite the highly speculative nature of crypto predictions, the anticipated bull run for ethereum (ETH) is based on the possible establishment of an Ethereum ETF. 

Like the case of Bitcoin ETF, the approval to operate Ethereum ETFs may indirectly push the price of ETH up. This is because it may be required for users to hold large amounts of ETH to operate the ethereum ETF. As a result, the demand for ETH will grow and the resulting hype may increase the price further.

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Put Your Pocket Change to Good Use with PAMBO

As a relatively new cryptocurrency, Pandoshi (PAMBO) caught the attention of analysts by experiencing a 400% surge in just a few weeks. Notable positive sentiments surround this token with several predictions that it will hit a 100X price surge soon.

As an emerging cryptocurrency with a lot of promise, PAMBO has picked up speed. It is currently in phase 4 of presale and has raised about $1.8 million in the last five days. This shows more investors are buying Pandoshi (PAMBO) daily, indicating that it’s an attractive investment option. Better yet, at $0.008 it is the most affordable among the top 3 cryptocurrencies predicted to multiply 100X in 2024.

Pandoshi is not like most emerging cryptocurrencies that promise heaven without proper utility or use cases. Instead, it’s a revolutionary crypto ecosystem that leverages innovation and strategy to provide value to its users. As evidenced by the fast sale out, investors have seen its potential.

If you are looking for top cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024 for a 100X ROI, you can’t afford to miss out on Pandoshi (PAMBO). 

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