The 2024 Crypto Power List: Top 10 Must-Have Altcoins

The 2024 Crypto Power List: Top 10 Must-Have Altcoins

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As the festive season unfolds, Bitcoin's price remains relatively stagnant and altcoins are experiencing a notable uptrend often referred to as the "Santa Claus rally" – this trend is characterized by a surge in altcoin values post-Christmas, with Bitcoin's dominance declining from above 52% to around 50.5%. Despite a slight decrease in Bitcoin's price, the overall market sentiment remains bullish, with expectations of the crypto king hitting the $50k mark soon. Meanwhile, altcoins like ETH, SOL, BNB, XRP, ADA and AVAX have shown pullbacks after setting new highs.

Amidst the crypto market's twists and turns, a handful of coins are poised to skyrocket in 2024 - Altcoins to consider for your holding mix include Solana (SOL), Aptos (APT), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Polygon (MATIC), Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA), Optimism (OP), Render (RNDR), Arbitrum (ARB), Sui (SUI), and the newcomer ScapesMania.

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Solana (SOL): A Surge in Price Amidst Robust Network Activity

Recently, Solana (SOL) has witnessed a remarkable surge, with its value soaring by over 100%. due to its vibrant network and ability to attract new talent and users. As network activity escalates, Solana (SOL) has rapidly emerged as a preferred platform for decentralized applications – it already hosts successful protocols such as Marinade Finance, Jito and Orca, demonstrating its on-chain prowess with a high Transactions Per Second (TPS) rate and a significant staked supply. 

Currently, Solana's (SOL) price fluctuates between $80.36 and $131.36. The 10-day Moving Average is at $104.66, while the 100-day Moving Average rests at $88.7. There's a strong support level at $48.19, but the resistance levels at $150.19 and $201.19 pose potential challenges for future price growth.

Solana (SOL) is innovating, for example by introducing Solang for smart contract development, which could be a pivotal factor in its continued growth – its rapid network and developer-friendly environment may attract more cutting-edge projects, potentially driving its value even higher. However, to reach those higher resistance levels, Solana (SOL) needs to maintain its network's momentum, draw in more users, and navigate market volatility and competition from other blockchains.

Aptos (APT): The Inscriptions Effect

Aptos (APT) has experienced a notable increase in transaction volume and network activity, especially after its platform has successfully deployed over 1,000 inscriptions, now boasting a community of more than 32,000 holders. This year has seen a surge in engagement within the Aptos (APT) ecosystem as evidenced by an influx of users and a rise in investments. Significantly, Aptos’s (APT) Total Value Locked (TVL) has reached an impressive $100 million, signaling a strong vote of confidence from investors.

Currently, the price of Aptos (APT) fluctuates between $7.81 and $10.47. The 10-day Moving Average stands at $9.96, while the 100-day Moving Average is at $8.85, both indicating a bullish trend. The established support levels at $3.65 and $6.31 offer a foundation for stability, whereas resistance levels at $11.64 and $14.3 could pose challenges to further price increases.

The introduction of inscriptions is poised to generate significant excitement, keep users actively engaged, and potentially drive up the Aptos (APT) price. However, the real impact depends on the market's reception of these developments and whether Aptos (APT) can maintain its momentum in a highly competitive industry. To stay ahead, Aptos (APT) should keep innovating and introducing fresh ideas as any pause allows other blockchain platforms to catch up, potentially attracting Aptos’ (APT) user base and developers to their ecosystems.

Near Protocol (NEAR): Riding the Wave to New Heights

Near Protocol (NEAR) has recently experienced a significant increase in price, achieving a 440-day high – this surge, accompanied by strong Relative Strength Index (RSI) figures, has investors perking up and funneling in capital, signaling a robust market uptick.

Currently, the price of NEAR Protocol is nestled between $2.54 and $4.57. The 10-day Moving Average stands at $3.94 and the 100-day Moving Average is at $3.07, both suggesting a bullish trend. The identified support level at $1.29 forms a solid foundation, whereas the resistance levels at $5.34 and $7.37 represent significant thresholds that the price needs to surpass.

The recent price trends and technical indicators for NEAR Protocol (NEAR) point towards a potential continuation of its upward momentum, but while the recent gains are encouraging, the volatile nature of the market and the ongoing efforts to draw in more investors could introduce uncertainties. To keep climbing, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) should keep pulling in fresh projects and hold onto the energy it's got now.

Polygon (MATIC): Breaking Barriers with a Bullish Breakout

Polygon (MATIC) has recently seen a notable breakout, surpassing the $1 mark – a clear sign of bullish market sentiment as evidenced  by major investors increasingly investing in altcoin and demonstrating their confidence in its potential for further growth.

Currently, the price of Polygon (MATIC) sits between $0.97 and $1.052. The 10-day Moving Average stands at $0.981 and the 100-day Moving Average is at $1.015, both suggesting a continuing bullish trend. The support levels are established at $0.854 and $0.937, offering a strong base, whereas resistance levels at $1.102 and $1.185 pose possible hurdles for further price increases.

Polygon's (MATIC) recent price jump and big-money backers suggest it might keep climbing, especially with its platform that’s both scale-friendly and a hit with developers, opening doors for more growth. However, maintaining this momentum requires consistent adoption and market activity; Polygon (MATIC) should strategically navigate the unpredictable nature of the markets and the competition from rivals to maintain and enhance its position.

Polkadot (DOT): Capturing Growth Amidst Ecosystem Expansion

Polkadot (DOT) has experienced a notable surge in value, jumping by 36% in just a week – this rise coincides with consistent development activities, indicating a focus on continuous innovation. Teaming up with the brains who brought us Pokémon Go shows not just growth but also that Polkadot's (DOT) network is primed for fresh, cutting-edge developments.

Currently, the price of Polkadot (DOT) moves between $6.92 and $9.75. The 10-day Moving Average stands at $8.59, while the 100-day Moving Average is at $7.73, both suggesting a bullish trend in the market. Altcoin finds solid support at $2.41 and $5.23 and resistance levels at $10.89 and $13.71 represent significant milestones for future growth.

Polkadot's (DOT) got a strong base with all its development and partnerships, but to really break through those tough resistance levels, it'll need some serious innovation and for more folks to jump on board. Polkadot's (DOT) growth is also at the mercy of unpredictable markets and stiff competition from other blockchain technologies.

A Few More Selected Cryptocurrencies: Explore Their Growth Potential

In addition to the aforementioned must-have cryptos, there are several coins that warrant special attention due to their unique developments and market positions: Cardano (ADA), Optimism (OP), Render (RNDR), Arbitrum (ARB) and Sui (SUI) are demonstrating distinctive features and potential for future growth.

Cardano (ADA) is a hub of activity having a passionate team of developers who are constantly breaking new ground with cutting-edge technology. However, a noticeable decrease in network activity and the dwindling number of unique blockchain addresses highlight a need for fresh strategies to keep Cardano (ADA) on the upward path.

Optimism (OP) is at a pivotal point - a significant token release is on the horizon and it can potentially shake up altcoin's market value. Given the current market trends and the potential for investors to cash in their gains post-release, there's a chance we might see a 25% dip in its price.

Render (RNDR) has seen an impressive 1,100% growth in 2023 and has hit new yearly highs. This bullish momentum, backed by indicators like the RSI and Elliott Wave analysis, may face resistance around the $5.5 mark, possibly leading to a price correction.

Arbitrum (ARB) has hit a major milestone with over 1 million liquidity provider positions on Uniswap v3, which has sparked a 16% surge in its price – this growth is a testament to Arbitrum's (ARB) expanding influence as it draws in an increasing number of liquidity providers with its scalable blockchain.

Sui (SUI) is quickly becoming a name to watch in the DeFi sector, with a marked increase in TVL and the addition of the Solana-based lending protocol Solend to its blockchain – a strategic bet on Sui's (SUI) growing influence in DeFi, aiming to attract a wider audience and bolster its presence in the market.


The "Santa Claus Rally" has ushered in a notable increase in the value of altcoins, even as Bitcoin's dominance shows a slight decline – a diverse range of cryptos, including Solana (SOL), Aptos (APT), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Polygon (MATIC), Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA), Optimism (OP), Render (RNDR), Arbitrum (ARB) and Sui (SUI) are attracting attention due to their distinctive features, technological innovations, and increasing community support. Each coin demonstrates potential in various areas: for example, Solana's (SOL) value is surging amidst robust network activity, while Aptos (APT) is experiencing growth bolstered by the 'inscriptions effect', reflecting a dynamic and evolving crypto market. Moreover, one should acknowledge other altcoins like Cardano (ADA), Optimism (OP), Render (RNDR), Arbitrum (ARB), and Sui (SUI) – these coins, too, are noteworthy for their innovative developments and distinct positions in the market.

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