LBank Labs Announces Its Investment in Bubblemaps, Pioneering Blockchain Data Transparency and Accessibility

LBank Labs Announces Its Investment in Bubblemaps, Pioneering Blockchain Data Transparency and Accessibility

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Road Town, BVI, September 26th, 2023, Chainwire


LBank Labs, the trailblazing blockchain venture fund, has proudly announced its strategic investment in Bubblemaps, an innovative platform aimed at making blockchain data transparent, accessible, and engaging. Joining hands with esteemed investors including Stake Capital, INCE Capital, V3ntures, Nicolas Bacca, Owen Simonin (aka Hasheur), and others, this collaboration seeks to revolutionize the way users interact with blockchain information.

The surge in DeFi's popularity has increased the demand for simplified and insightful blockchain information. Traditional block explorers and tools, with their complexity, hinder the average user’s understanding. Bubblemaps is set to disrupt this space, providing intuitive visuals and making fundamental data available to millions, thus demystifying crypto research and due diligence processes.

Bubblemaps has earned recognition for its investigative approach to on-chain topics, becoming a widely respected analytical platform. It has illuminated industry developments, such as a16z's significant influence on Uniswap's governance and covered trending discussions including high-profile actions by figures like Elon Musk.

Nicolas Vaiman, CEO of Bubblemaps, is optimistic about the collaboration, expressing, “I'm excited to have LBank Labs as part of our journey. Their commitment and expertise in our round will help redefine on-chain data interaction.”

Nathalie Yang, Principal Investor at LBank Labs, likened Bubblemaps to "Google Analytics for Web3", emphasizing its potential to simplify blockchain information and lower the entry barrier for newcomers to crypto.

LBank Labs, a leader in the web3 space, operates a diverse $100 Million fund and is renowned for its holistic approach to blockchain innovations. This strategic alliance underscores LBank Labs’ commitment to fostering sustainable growth and innovation in the web3 landscape.

Bubblemaps has formed alliances with leading blockchains like Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain and integrated with prominent DeFi platforms such as OpenSea, DEX Screener, and DEXTools.

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About LBank Labs

LBank Labs, a prominent player in the web3 space, manages a versatile $100 Million fund that extends beyond specific protocols and exchanges. With a team of experienced web3 veterans from prestigious entities, they have built an extensive network of expertise and connections. Their investment strategy includes fund of fund investments, direct investments in early-stage projects, and liquid projects, enabling them to explore diverse opportunities. LBank Labs actively promotes their investment thesis, “The Other Angle,” through engaging discussions and focuses on the PSE principles to foster sustainable growth and innovation in the web3 landscape. With a Fund of Fund network comprising 12 funds and over $1 billion in AUM, and offices in seven global regions, LBank Labs is well-positioned to expand their network and drive innovation in the web3 ecosystem, together with their partners and collaborators.


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