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Hot New Meme Coin Wall Street Memes to Debut Exchange Listings with OKX – Investors Anticipate a Pepe-like Pump

Hot New Meme Coin Wall Street Memes to Debut Exchange Listings with OKX – Investors Anticipate a Pepe-like Pump

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The hottest meme coin of 2023 is making its debut exchange listing on the world’s second-largest crypto exchange in terms of liquidity and visitors. 

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) will begin trading on OKX on September 26, Tuesday 10 AM UTC. More tier 1 exchange listings will follow in the coming days, hinting at a series of bull runs for $WSM. Wall Street Memes completed its sensational presale on Monday, raising nearly $30 million. 


According to the official website, Wall Street Memes was scheduled to go live on crypto exchanges on September 27 2023. But the debut listing on OKX has been brought forward one day to lock in the large influx of trading volume.  

It wouldn’t be surprising to see other exchanges prepone their $WSM listing dates to take advantage of the growing FOMO. 


The token generation event (TGE) of $WSM will be held at 9 AM UTC, an hour before the initial exchange listing on OKX. From 9 AM UTC, presale investors can claim tokens from the Wall Street Memes website.

If you prefer decentralized exchanges over centralized, or if your jurisdiction doesn’t support OKX, you can start trading $WSM on DEXs from 2 PM UTC Tuesday. 

A 1-Million+ Community of Investors, Traders, and Business Leaders 

The Wall Street Memes presale was one of the biggest crypto events of 2023, crossing its $25M milestone ahead of schedule after witnessing massive traffic. 

The meme coin is backed by the Wall Street Memes community, which boasts over 1 million followers. Most of the community comprises investors, traders, and business leaders, which explains how $WSM acquired the initial momentum for a sensational presale.  

Unlike most meme coin communities, the Wall Street Memes community didn’t emerge overnight. It has been around since 2019. The meme coin is just a new extension of the viral internet community. The goal is to allow the community to take advantage of the meme coin mania. 

 Among the many celebrities who have interacted with the Wall Street Memes posts is Elon Musk. The tech magnate is known for setting off some of the biggest meme coin rallies. His interactions have contributed to catalyzing the FOMO around $WSM.


More Than $2.5 Million Flowed In Over The Last Three Days

To meet the growing demand from the community, the team was forced to extend the presale at a fixed price till the exchange listings. Over the last three days, investors poured in more than $2.5 million to the presale. 

The Ethereum presale smart contract recorded over 5,000 buys within 24 hours as FOMO took off.

Upcoming Listings Guarantee Smooth Trading 

The $WSM team has announced that multiple tier-1 exchange listings will follow the initial launch on OKX. Tier-1 exchanges refer to the top 10 exchanges that ensure liquidity and smooth trading. Despite the growing demand for the token, the price slippage will be low as a result.


$WSM the Next Pepe?

The presale success of Wall Street Memes hints at an incoming pump. Factoring in the community strength and the growing FOMO, $WSM has the potential to kindle a bigger phenomenon on its launch. 

If the presale momentum is any sign, the multiple exchange listings will lead to a massive price surge for the token. According to industry analysts, it will likely outperform Pepe’s 5000% surge for numerous reasons. 

Wall Street Memes is one of the largest meme coin communities, with over one million followers across all socials. It is rare to see a meme coin with a large footprint at the very beginning of its journey. 

To give you a better perspective, it took Dogecoin 10 years to amass more than 3 million followers on Twitter.

Another critical factor is the team behind the project, which tasted success with the Wall Street Bulls Ordinals NFT Collection earlier this year. In 2021, the founders launched the Wall Street Bulls collection, which sold out in 32 minutes and made a profit of $2.5 million.

With $WSM, they aim to launch a utility-rich meme coin that becomes a vehicle for wealth creation.

Early Investors Have Significant Upside Potential 

The Wall Street Memes is gearing up for an explosive price action in the coming weeks. It is best to buy the token on the first day of the launch to get a low entry point into the investment. 

As the price goes up, the room for growth goes down. The rumoured Binance listing, in particular, will kindle a strong bull run for the token. If $WSM explodes 50X as predicted, it will prove to be an expensive investment for late-comers. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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