Most Anticipated Web3 Games of 2023

Most Anticipated Web3 Games of 2023

Web3 games are a new breed of video game that aims to give players complete control over their virtual assets by utilizing decentralized networks like Ethereum. Web3 games have exploded in popularity recently due to blockchain technology and the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency transactions. Whether measured by user adoption, investment, or development, Web3 games are expected to continue their rapid growth in 2023.

The Web3 games market is experiencing rapid growth, with a projected $2.2 billion by 2023 and a compound annual growth rate of 42.5% from 2018 to 2023. This growth is driven by the increasing number of players in the ecosystem, which has already surpassed 5 million. The total value of digital assets in Web3 games is estimated to reach $80 billion by 2023. Additionally, decentralized marketplaces for trading Web3 game assets are gaining popularity, with a daily trading volume reaching over $100 million.

A significant benefit of Web3 games is the increased openness, security, and fairness they provide for players. Web3 games, in contrast to traditional games, use smart contracts to govern game logic and transactions, making the game's rules open and immutable. The immutability of the blockchain means that players can rest assured that their digital assets are theirs and will remain so.


Moonland is an open-world multiplayer metaverse in development, built on Unreal 5 and backed by seed funding from a powerful blockchain platform. The team, focusing on "BUIDLing" during the bear market, seeks to create a fantastic player experience.

In addition, Moonland acts as a gateway to multiple video games within the metaverse, utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent in-game assets, allowing players to own, trade, and monetize their virtual items. The use of blockchain technology provides a secure, transparent, and immutable ledger for transactions and verifiable ownership of virtual assets that can be traded on decentralized marketplaces.

Players have access to a wide range of games without leaving the metaverse and can seamlessly switch between games, accessing their virtual assets across different games. This enhances the gaming experience and provides new revenue streams through monetizing virtual assets across multiple games.

Even though Moonland is still in its early stages of development, the team is already conducting internal multiplayer tests and has been sharing its development process from the beginning. The first NFT holders will have the opportunity to test the Moonland experience before the wider community.


Undeads is a cutting-edge survival MMORPG that offers a vast array of play-to-earn mechanics and over 10 types of NFT assets. The game is designed to allow players to earn cryptocurrency while playing and interacting with others. Undeads aims to create a Web3 gaming community and player-driven economy filled with engaging activities that will form an ecosystem of active players and deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

With Undeads, players will immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic metaverse that features an isometric model and action-packed combat. The world is split between two opposing factions: humans and zombies, and players are tasked with exploring new regions, establishing settlements, gathering resources, upgrading gear, engaging in commerce, and honing trading skills. The game also offers built-in VR games for true metaverse and virtual reality enthusiasts.

Notably, Undeads offers a unique blend of survival, resource management, and commerce, allowing players to advance their NFT characters and build virtual empires. The game is designed to be more than just a traditional MMORPG, as it will enable players to earn cryptocurrency and participate in a player-driven economy. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of NFTs and virtual economies, Undeads offers an engaging and immersive experience that will exceed your expectations.

Scar Speed

Scar Speed is a free-to-play racing game that blends skill-based combat with high-speed car racing. Players can race against each other, using Power-Ups to gain a strategic advantage during the race. This combination creates an intense and exciting experience similar to the intense action of Need for Speed combined with the fun and creativity of Mario Kart.

In addition, Scar Speed is not just a racing game but is also built on the latest blockchain technologies. This allows players to own their game earnings as NFTs, creating a player-owned economy. This means players can buy, sell, and trade resources, adding another layer of excitement to the racing experience.

The NFT technology in Scar Speed is a game-changer, creating a unique and dynamic gaming environment. Players can truly own their in-game resources and profits, providing a level of ownership and investment that traditional racing games cannot match. Scar Speed is a true fusion of racing, combat, and blockchain technology, providing an unparalleled gaming experience.

Cosmic FOMO

Cosmic FOMO is the app where players get to learn crypto trading in a gamified way without risking their own assets. Players choose an avatar (pilot) that reflects their market role model, fill their backpack with assets and go on a space flight!

Trading education comes in several formats. Users can train alone in solo mode or choose a hardcore mode with the competition with other players. Players who reach the high level learn how to trade with leverage and get the opportunity to participate in competitions with up to 100 and more players. The app teaches the basics of trading, helps develop discipline and patience, as well as to cope with emotions and fear.


Cheelee is a GameFi short video platform that solves the crypto mass adoption issue elegantly and easily. Cheelee offers its users to become passive viewers of their feed and beneficiaries of their in-app actions! Through the GameFi mechanics, in-apps NFTs, and tokens, Cheelee's users earn together with the platform by converting their attention into money.

Cheelee has a sustainable financial model, which definitely makes the project stand out – up to 40% of Cheelee's total revenue is not related to the NFT sales, i.e., from advertising, in-app purchases, and collaborations with brands.  For example, in move2earn projects this figure is only 1%.

So, Cheelee will provide an opportunity to make money on social networks for every user by combining the platform of short videos and blockchain technology. Nice bonus will be easy access for billions of people to decentralized finance, this is really mass adoption.

Knights of Cathena

Knights of Cathena is the first casual mobile turn-based tactics Play-and-Earn game bridging the gap between traditional and Web3 gaming. With an easy onboarding process and seamless blockchain integration, gamers can log in through socials, monetize their play time, and convert it into crypto. The team is excited to onboard gamers worldwide and deliver a Web2 gameplay experience powered by blockchain to non-crypto natives. 

Lukas Anetsberger, CEO of Knights of Cathena, commented: "By bringing traditional and Web3 gamers together, users can experience the best of both worlds - the fun and engagement of traditional gaming combined with ownership, profit, and new win-win monetization models of Web3 gaming for both players and game creators."


One major perk of Web3 games is that they allow for interoperability between different games. Players can easily trade their digital assets across other games, which creates a more vibrant and dynamic gaming ecosystem. This opens up new opportunities for players to monetize their assets and for developers to create innovative and engaging games that are not limited by traditional platform boundaries.

Web3 games represent a new frontier in the gaming industry, and they have the potential to change the way that people think about and interact with digital assets. With the rapid growth of blockchain technology, the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the growing interest in Web3 games, the prospects for this new type of gaming are very promising. They are expected to continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.

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