Crypto to see biggest increase in electronic trading in 2023

Crypto to see biggest increase in electronic trading in 2023

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In a survey by JP Morgan, put out to institutional traders, crypto/digital coins saw the biggest rise in expected institutional e-Trading for 2023.

Crypto trading to see biggest yearly rise

JP Morgan recently published its e-Trading markets trends survey in which crypto was predicted by institutional traders to rise from 58% of their e-Trading in 2023, to 69% in 2024, a 11% rise, and the biggest predicted rise among all other forms of e-Trading.

Best technologies for trading

The technologies judged by the institutional traders as being the most influential for trading in 2022 were mobile trading applications (29%), AI/machine learning (25%), and blockchain/distributed ledger technology (25%). In 2023, AI/machine learning (53%) was expected to rise to more than half of all traded technologies.

Low percentage plan to trade crypto

However, 72% of the traders surveyed said that they “have no plans to trade crypto/digital coins”, while 14% predicted they would trade them in the next 5 years. Only 8% said that they were currently trading crypto.

Global market trends

For global markets ‘recession risk’ was thought to be the biggest impact in 2023. 30% of traders thought this. 26% believed that inflation would have an impact, while 19% expected the greatest impact from geopolitical conflict.

For inflation in 2023, 44% thought that it would decrease, 37% believed that it would level off, while only 19% gave the view that it would increase. The UK was the country given where inflation was expected to rise the highest with 27% thinking this.

AI is the standout trade

Probably, what stood out the most from this JP Morgan survey was that AI would be an extremely dominant theme this year and going into 2024.  Crypto has its share of artificial intelligence projects and therefore look for some of these to shine even more over the coming months.

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