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Welcome to the Stage Big Eyes (BIG): The Crypto Cat with a Mission to Save the Ocean

Welcome to the Stage Big Eyes (BIG): The Crypto Cat with a Mission to Save the Ocean

With ‘Big Eyes’ on the prize, this new cryptocurrency plans not only to make a fortune but save the oceans in the process. Entering the meme coin scene, the Big Eyes (BIG) mascot is changing the game with their cute crypto cat who has a passion for sushi. With unsurprisingly huge anime-style eyes, this cat is likely to steal hearts internationally, and he’s asking for just one thing: circulate his cryptocurrency coin to save the seas. After all, more fish means more food. 

How is Big Eyes Saving the Ocean? 

At launch, 90% of the 200,000,000,000 coins will be available, with an additional 5% going to a charity wallet. This wallet is donating to ocean sanctuaries, giving Big Eyes more delicious fish for his sushi. On their Cat Command Roadmap, Big Eyes considers these charity donations every step of the way. 

Stage One is ‘Crouch’ - the cryptocurrency coin is launched and the social channels go live. Stage Two is ‘Leap’ and this is where the sanctuaries start seeing the benefits, as the first charity donation is made. Stage Three is ‘Run’. At this point, Big Eyes (BIG) aims to have 50,000 holders, making the second donation potentially very lucrative. Stage Four is ‘Catwalk’ and is all about community events. For the ocean sanctuaries ‘Catwalk’ means a donation of $1 million. All for the oceans. All to save the fish. 

How do Ocean Sanctuaries Make a Difference? 

Our oceans are in severe need of protection. They are an essential part of our climate’s natural balance, as water covers over 70% of our planet and provides food for billions of people. However, industrial fishing, oil spills, climate change, and plastic pollution have all had a toll on ocean health. As our planet warms, so do our oceans. Sea levels are rising and the waters are absorbing a higher rate of carbon dioxide, putting the delicate equilibrium of the ocean out of balance. 

Ocean sanctuaries are like national parks underwater. Within the sanctuary, marine life is protected from oil drilling, fishing, mining, and the direct effects of human activity. Although overall ocean pollution and climate change can’t be filtered out, this pressure relief should help some of the ocean wildlife regain strength and flourish. 

(Source: Greenpeace)

The good news for Big Eyes: ocean sanctuaries allow fish stocks to recover with more (and bigger) fish. Without the direct impact of oil drilling and pollution, these fish will hopefully be healthier too. This is essential for communities that rely on fish for their diet, and also helps to regulate the climate. Whales and krill both store carbon in the deep sea for thousands of years, helping to purify the air. Just like protecting our forests, we must protect our seas. 

With help from charity donations like the ones expected from Big Eyes (BIG), these ocean sanctuaries can spread across the globe and protect marine wildlife, improving the biodiversity of the waters. This should have a powerful impact on climate change, helping to remove carbon from our atmosphere. 

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