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Michael Saylor Tweets A Picture Of Himself With Laser Eyes, Representing His Belief In Bitcoin (BTC). Gnox Token (GNOX) Second Presale Begins

Michael Saylor Tweets A Picture Of Himself With Laser Eyes, Representing His Belief In Bitcoin (BTC). Gnox Token (GNOX) Second Presale Begins

Co-founder of software giant MicroStrategy and entrepreneur Michael Saylor is still bullish on crypto. So much so, his company already holds a large amount of Bitcoin. Some analysts have suggested BTC dropping below $21,000 could see his firm's holdings margin called. Others have suggested this is misinformation, and the actual figure requiring a margin call is $3,000. Nevertheless, he still believes in Bitcoin, and that indicates good things for the entire crypto market.

Saylor has stated that if BTC doesn't go to zero, it will go to a million per coin instead. He also thinks constant worry over short-term fluctuations are futile, and that the real benefit of BTC and the wider crypto market is in the long-term. This is one key point that's important to remember for many in the crypto world who are currently observing an overall downturn in prices. If you believe in the project and underlying tech, these short-term fluctuations shouldn't be anything to be concerned about. You should be in it for the long-haul.

Saylor's continued bullish outlook on BTC should be seen as positive news for the entire industry, and positive news is something the industry needs right now. And there's one coin that despite widespread turmoil in the crypto landscape, is still performing extremely well...


As the coin backing up Gnox's innovative yield farming as a service infrastructure, GNOX token has managed to buck the recent bear market trend and is actually performing well. Having sold more than 49million coins already in pre-sale 1, GNOX is entering its second pre-sale stage right now. These pre-sales have been so successful, founders are extending into pre-sale 3. With prices already way up, how much higher could they go?

GNOX has the industry talking because it utilizes a few unique ideas in an easy-to-use platform that aims to bring crypto to the masses. This mass adoption of crypto for normal investors is seen as key, and perhaps sits in with Saylor's vision for the future of digital currencies becoming the norm.

So if you want to get in early on a coin that still has the potential to grow as well as also giving you passive income returns along the way, GNOX could be for you.


Saylor is bullish on BTC, and this is good news for the entire crypto landscape. We're bullish on GNOX as one of the best new coins to hit the market in recent years, and it's still available in pre-sale.

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