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How to Start Your Crypto Career: What Are the Best Cryptocurrencies For Beginners?

How to Start Your Crypto Career: What Are the Best Cryptocurrencies For Beginners?

Although cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and integrated into modern-day society, many people find it difficult to participate in the market for several reasons. There is a constant question regarding crypto’s security, reliability and viability. It is understandable and daunting when it comes to dealing with anything new. Cryptocurrency is not a topic where you can learn all the key details in one day and can be quite complicated to comprehend. 

However, the occurrence of change is often a sign of good things to come, giving people new opportunities to grow and learn. A vital question is, what are the best crypto tokens for beginners to get involved with? This article will address this, along with breaking down the key elements and differences of particular blockchain networks.

Begin Your Journey With Meme Coins

One of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies on the market is meme coins - tokens that are characterised by their branding which is usually based on a viral internet meme or image. These types of coins have risen in prominence ever since Dogecoin entered the market in 2013 - which led to a flurry of meme coins following soon. Eminent meme networks also include Shiba Inu, Dogelon Mars and Baby Dogecoin - all based on dogs for their branding.

An upcoming meme token that will be good for beginners to start their crypto journey with is Big Eyes (BIG) - a community token that aims to shift wealth into the DeFi ecosystem by building a blockchain ecosystem which boundlessly uses NFTs. These NFTs will offer further access to more content and events that add to the hype-ship of the currency.  

Big Eyes (BIG) also has several unique features such as being community-driven, tax-free purchasing, a dynamic tax system and donating 5% of its earnings to support ocean-based charities. For individuals who are looking to get started with crypto, Big Eyes (BIG) and other meme coins may be a viable purchase due to their humorous and community-driven nature. 


Two Open Source Networks to Kickstart Your Crypto Career

In an oversaturated market, it can be difficult to differentiate crypto blockchain networks from one another. Some cryptocurrencies have multiple applications and features used to entice active and new buyers to their network. For example, the seventh most profitable currency XRP presents its users with a wide range of applications and use cases related to payments including DeFi, micropayments and also NFTs. 

XRP characterises itself as an open-source decentralised and permissionless technology with low costs, quick speed and scalability. These features are combined with the eagerness of XRP’s developers to provide solutions which solve inefficiencies in the crypto market such as asset tokenization and remittance. 

If beginners are looking for a token to begin their crypto career with, XRP seems like a viable option as it is inexpensive, reliable and fast. 

Additionally, there is a currency like Uniswap (UNI), which provides its users with a token trading platform that is automated and open to anyone who holds tokens. UNI aims to do this by solving liquidity issues with automated solutions - making the blockchain more efficient and eliminating the issues which have afflicted the first decentralised exchanges. 

Essentially, Uniswap’s purpose is to construct liquidity while attempting to solve issues that blockchains such as EtherData have experienced. There are some drawbacks that beginners may find with Uniswap such as keeping track of pool funds and not having a clear chart on their website. Despite these faults, users can find reliability when starting their crypto career with UNI, as it has rapidly grown in popularity in such a short space of time - having more than 94 million trades executed according to  

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