$1.2 Million Investment Round Fast-Tracks reBaked To Multi-Chain DAO Infrastructure

$1.2 Million Investment Round Fast-Tracks reBaked To Multi-Chain DAO Infrastructure

reBaked is advancing in the development of a set of governance, management, and operations tools for DAOs and Web 3.0 ecosystems. The functionality is needed to enable projects to distribute and manage their treasuries with greater efficiency while focusing on value generation.

The attraction of over $1.2 million at an oversubscribed seed round has allowed the reBaked project to fast-track the development of its decentralized grant management network and help talented individuals across markets to align their incentives with those of contributors. The safeguarding of the long-term success and financial well-being of blockchain ecosystems is at the core of the reBaked launchpad, which offers extensive tools designed to offer collaboration, growth, and governance mechanisms for all participants to reach their goals.

The reBaked launchpad allows Web 3.0 projects to get enhanced deliverables faster, build stronger community bonds, decentralize faster, and achieve better return on value to all stakeholders using the native $BAKED token. The native asset is fully backed by ecosystem treasuries accumulated by incubated projects that form the backbone of the RBKD DAO. But the reBaked project offers more than just a venue for collaboration, focusing on core products that help shape the ecosystem, including:

reBaked Pioneers is a reverse launchpad for designing, launching, and scaling Web 3.0 projects by soliciting the skills of a community of experts, enabling projects to build stronger foundations and attract investments.

reBaked Build is decentralized grant governance and DAO payroll based on Minimum Guaranteed Payment & Bonus Payment mechanisms. All rewards in-system are based on tri-party feedback from other collaborators, the project team, and reBaked observers, ensuring fairness and transparency.

reBaked CrowdHack is an advanced hackathon platform for Web 3.0 coin integration as a base currency, and escrow smart-contract functions. CrowdHack is focused on holistic feedback with an integrated discovery system identifying similar or identical solutions from other platforms, guaranteeing solution uniqueness. 

reBaked Playshare is an in-game revenue sharing mechanism for Play 2 Earn games for allowing metaverse asset owners to accumulate passive income and minimizing risks for players. The reBaked PlayShare service is designed to provide an in-game revenue sharing mechanism for Play 2 Earn games, allowing metaverse asset owners to accumulate passive income, and players to start without upfront investment or financial risk. Players from emerging economies will thus have a sustainable source of income generated through a creative process incorporated into gameplay, thus gamifying the financial side of making money.

The reBaked project has established working partnerships with several projects. entailing the use of RBKD products. Among the most recent support groups are the communities of the Polygon, Harmony, and  NEAR & Aurora projects that RBDK is targeting

The project is passing through roadmap milestones and scaling rapidly. The nearest release is reBaked Pioneers, set for launch in late October. Next is PlayShare, expected in February of 2022. At present, the development team is looking ahead to Q4 of 2021, which foresees IDOs on four launchpads, the launch of a Proof of Talent Campaign aiming to recruit ten thousand community members, as well as the Rewards for Campaigns and long-awaited Staking and Governance functions.

The reBaked project is achieving traction with the release of key sections of the ecosystem, all aiming to add value to both the project and all participants.

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