NFT Avatars Have Overtaken All Other Forms of NFTs in Terms of Popularity

NFT Avatars Have Overtaken All Other Forms of NFTs in Terms of Popularity

NFTs, represented by a line of code and an image, might not sound exciting, but they are shaking up the way we collect and display art and media. Of all the NFTs, the most popular by far according to CoinMarketCap are avatars. These are in effect small images of characters, commonly used as profile pics in places like Twitter. NFT PFPs (Profile Pictures) are highly desirable and highly collectible. On a sociological level, it gives us a clue into our deeper natures, one of showmanship, and social status.

It is assumed that if you display an avatar NFT, then you actually own it. But is it to stop users from taking screenshots of NFTs and using them as their avatars? One company is ahead of the curve on this. have created an app that allows NFT PFP holders to verify their ownership of on-chain avatars. 

The process takes moments and it allows the NFT holders to claim ownership publicly. Once the user has uploaded their NFT avatar to Twitter, anyone can click on it and see a certificate of ownership appear, thanks to the tool. The idea is so well-considered, in fact, that has adopted the company into its accelerator to help push, market and promote the tool.’s raison d’être is to help bootstrap new and innovative projects and protocols in the space. The company mentors, funds, injects liquidity and exposes the projects to market players. And it is working with MyNFT to help it develop and reach a mass audience.

Twitter seems to be on the page as it has already offered its users a verified way to display their own NFT avatars. Could Discord and Youtube follow suit? It’s likely that the users will start pushing for it.

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