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MDS Mexico Integrates Blockchain To Improve Covid Tests

MDS Mexico Integrates Blockchain To Improve Covid Tests

Mexican medical firm MDS Mexico has launched its Covid-19 testing service, which will be supported by blockchain technology to improve the reliability of diagnostics. 

Mexico Stepping Up Covid-19 Diagnostics 

The testing service is being launched by the operating company behind MDS Mexico, which has been providing medical, surgical, and laboratory services to Mexicans for over 13 years. The Covid-19 testing service will incorporate various technologies other than blockchain to increase the guarantee factor on results. The laboratory is looking to improve the quality of its PCR tests, rapid antibody tests, and rapid antigen tests by incorporating blockchain technology, tokenized data, and cryptographic signatures. Furthermore, the system will be supported by an immutable and unalterable QR code that has worldwide validity. 

Blockchain And Diagnostics

Blockchain technology and its application in cryptocurrencies are in the news everywhere. However, crypto is just one application of the decentralized model proposed by blockchain. In countries like the US and Canada, blockchain tech is already being applied in the medical diagnostic fields. It is being used to increase the reliability and security of information and eliminate tampering of the test results. The technology also guarantees the authenticity of the results and dependable certifications required at international checkpoints.  

With the black market flooded with false Covid-19 test results and numerous ‘hacks’ circulating n social media to manipulate false positives or negatives, it is all the more important to establish a decentralized and untamperable framework for these diagnostic processes. 

How Blockchain Can Help Medical Diagnostics

The results of the diagnostics ran by MDS Mexico will be revealed via a digital certificate that will contain information regarding the expiry date of the test performed and other relevant patient information that can be consulted in real-time. 

The team at MDS spoke on the matter, saying, 

“To avoid the falsification of negative results, we began to certify the SARS-CoV-2 detection tests with blockchain technology and cryptographic signature, which protects the information in a unique, immutable, and unalterable QR Code that can be verified worldwide.”

This means that the unique QR code in each digital certificate will provide updated and verified data in real-time. Additionally, the cryptographic signature of the doctor or medical professional will be a stamp of validity on the certificate that will last for three days. 

This is not the first instance of employing blockchain technology to digitize Covid-19 test results. Previously, Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) had also embarked on a state-backed initiative, where it partnered with private blockchain technology firm Xertify to digitize vaccination passports.  

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