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GoFungibles: Bridging the Gap Between NFTs and DeFi

GoFungibles: Bridging the Gap Between NFTs and DeFi

We are proud to share the latest scoop: not only is GoFungibles an exciting new adventure for gamers as well as crypto and NFT enthusiasts, but it is also bringing NFTs and DeFi into a new era. We believe bridging these two worlds together is crucial to the next development phase into the broader crypto economy. 

With its revolutionary new platform, it is bringing the benefits of DeFi to the world of NFTs. Let’s take a look into how and how this fits into the GoFungibles ecosystem:

What is GoFungibles?

GoFungibles is a blend of conventional NFT marketplace and a play-to-earn mobile game. It is also a gateway for accessing DeFi markets and NFT-backed capital.

Its addictive and fun Multiplayer mobile runner game features high-end graphics, smooth gameplay, a crypto economy, and NFT digital assets.

Players can play and level up their NFT characters in either single-player mode or compete against other players in multiplayer mode while earning rewards such as in-game currency and rare NFTs.

Using the Polygon layer-two solution, its platform allows for low transaction fees.  

Decentralized Finance Meets NFTs

Since the creation of Ethereum in 2015, a new era of innovation has erupted. Decentralized finance applications have been disrupting the traditional banking system. Instead of earning less than 1% interest in a savings account, individuals can earn a considerable amount of returns on their capital through staking. These provide an alternative where one’s savings can grow instead of being diminished slowly by inflation. Many popular protocols have exploded over the past year. Just a few of these include Uniswap, Terra, Avalanche, Chainlink, Tezos, and PancakeSwap.

The GoFungibles platform connects NFTs to decentralized finance for a potentially explosive combination. 

NFT Royalties

After a creator mints an NFT (and fees are only charged on the sale, not the minting), they can choose to receive royalties on all future sales done on the secondary market, giving them a passive income stream.

Fractionalized NFTs 

Imagine as an NFT creator, and you have created a hot new NFT with tremendous value. However, instead of waiting for a single buyer, you now have a way to sell fractions of your valuable NFT to multiple buyers through a feature known as Fractionalized NFTs, making them accessible to a broader range of investors.

NFT-Backed Loans

Our platform enables creators to use NFTs as collateral when requesting loans to access liquidity without selling their assets. 

Over $3.5 billion in trading was done in just the top ten NFT marketplaces in the past month. This does not count the holders who are holding onto NFTs as a long-term investment. Can you imagine what would occur if this large asset pool could be utilized for liquidity? 

Our platform is here as a mover into the next NFT-DeFi industry. 

NFT Leasing

Users can even lease their in-game NFT characters to other players for use in gameplay. This is another passive income stream we unlock for NFT holders in our gaming ecosystem.

NFT Farming and Staking

Users have yet another passive income stream. Stake your NFTs to farm rare NFTs and $GFTS, a utility and governance token of the GoFungibles ecosystem.

Are you ready to use your NFTs for passive income? Are you a skilled gamer and prepared to earn money by doing so? 

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