Cosmos Announces Sagan; Its Brand New Blockchain

Cosmos Announces Sagan; Its Brand New Blockchain

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The Cosmos Network has announced that it is building a new blockchain called Sagan to provide developers a platform to experiment with different protocols. 

First Cosmos Signal Announces Sagan

News of the upcoming Sagan blockchain was announced in the first quarterly keynote report, the Cosmos Signal, published on Tuesday by the Cosmos team. The upcoming project is being touted as an experimental “canary network,” borrowing Polkadot’s terminology for the Kusama test network. 

The Cosmos team announced the project, saying,

“We’re introducing you to our brand-new chain Sagan that’s already in development for Cosmos. Sagan will allow us to experiment with new initiatives with greater speed and efficiency, adding tremendous value to the entire network. Stay tuned for more info about Sagan soon.”

The blockchain has been named after renowned astronomer Carl Sagan, whose quote (“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”) along with a constellation-esque rendering of a canary among the stars was featured in the 30-second long video message that accompanied the announcement. 

What Is A Canary Network? 

The Sagan project will be a separate blockchain that will be used for trialing protocols prior to launching on the mainnet. However, since Sagan is a canary network and not a testnet, the tokens on Sagan will have real value, much like Polkadot’s Kusama. Testnets can only recreate the technical side of the main blockchain but not its real environment. Since testnet tokens do not typically carry any real value, they are stuck replicating only one aspect of the blockchain.  However, a canary network can establish a more functional prototype of the actual blockchain environment because of its tokens with real value. Thanks to the more realistic model, developers can track down bugs and other potential glitches, prior to launch. 

Tendermint And Blockchain Gaming

The Sagan blockchain can be considered a part of Cosmos’s initiative to create rollup scaling technology that would enable developers to create Cosmos-based blockchains to be deployed as clusters belonging to the new Optimint framework as a replacement for the Tendermint framework. 

Tendermint is the parent software company behind Cosmos. Recently, it partnered with the Interchain Foundation (ICF) to work with premier blockchain gaming platforms Forte and create an easily accessible blockchain gaming network for the smooth integration of gaming ecosystems. This will ensure that all third-party game developers on the Forte platform will be able to easily access the Cosmos technology and integrate their games with the Cosmos network. 

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