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$10 Million WiVX Open-Ended DeFi Fund To Deliver Wine Returns To WIVA DeFi Investors

$10 Million WiVX Open-Ended DeFi Fund To Deliver Wine Returns To WIVA DeFi Investors

Image source: WiV

WiV Technology, a blockchain-based investment framework for wine producers, consumers, and merchants, is set for a January launch of WiVX, a $10 million DeFi fund governed by the network’s WIVA utility token.


Tokenizing The Multi-Billion Dollar Wine Industry

As blockchain continues to disrupt traditional business models, WiV Technology presents another promising real-world use case of this novel technology. By merging the best features of blockchain technology with the traditional wine industry, WiV Technology has emerged as the first ecosystem where fine wines meet non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

WiV has already changed the face of the wine industry with its governance and utility token WIVA ($WIVA), allowing users to buy, sell and borrow money by using wine as collateral. With the help of blockchain-specific features like anti-counterfeit identity markers and NFTs, WiV Technology ensures actual ownership of wine and other fine spirits by offering valuable features like provenance record-keeping, trading liquidity, geolocation functionality, and additional market assurances.

To advance the platform’s expansion, WiV Technology has revealed a January 15th, 2022 launch date for its first DeFi fund, WiVX. Dubbed the “industry’s first DeFi fund based on real-world assets,” WiVX will feature a full-proof and transparent method for assessing the fund’s underlying asset value, offering investors passive access to the compelling returns of rare wines and fine spirits.

“Identifying exceptional wines before they are recognised by the rest of the market motivated our progressive data-focused approach to wine investing. Our data analysis methods and proprietary insights will help this fund maximise returns and stand independently from other industry indices,” according to WiV Technology co-founder Håkon Harberg. 

Håkon Harberg adds, “Developing it as a DeFi fund based on physical assets means that we can make participation efficient, transparent and relatively low-cost. It is an important next step to our goal of creating value to our ecosystem token WIVA, making this type of investment open to a far wider audience.”


Vineyards Grow Their Presence Via Blockchain Technology

Wine has held its value exceptionally well over the last twenty years compared to many other asset classes. However, many variables contribute to producing the finest and rarest wines, which most people aren’t aware of due to the restricted access.

This is where WiV Technology joins the picture, bridging vineyards, wine producers, consumers, enthusiasts, and investors while offering transparency to help people understand what makes each wine unique, ultimately enhancing the value of wine and other fine spirits as an investment tool. 

By allowing retail and institutional to own NFTs minted by vineyards, WiV Technology ensures greater liquidity and quicker sales. Moreover, the platform’s native WIVA token marks the first-ever digital token pegged to the multi-billion-dollar global wine industry, offering users yet another opportunity to access competitive rates for liquidity provision. 

The platform is backed by some of the most prominent names from the wine, cryptocurrency, and blockchain sectors. In addition, WiV Technology has been assisting the Georgian government with promoting local flagship wine brands globally using NFTs. 

With the wine industry cementing itself as one of the most stable investment options, WiV Technology’s WiVX initiative is poised to play the critical role of offering everyone an equal opportunity to access financial stability without any red tape.

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