EverGrow Launches its BSC-Based Hyper Deflationary Token that Reward Holder in USDT

EverGrow Launches its BSC-Based Hyper Deflationary Token that Reward Holder in USDT

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The cryptocurrency space has seen exponential growth in the last few years, and many people are investing and earning fantastic rewards through smart investment opportunities. EverGrow aspires to be the next driver of this trend. It is a next-generation hyper-deflationary token that is designed to become more scarce over time.

All holders of EverGrow Coin will earn an 8% reward from each Buy/Sell Transaction in USDT which is automatically sent to the holder's wallet every hour by simply holding $EGC.

EverGrow constitutes contracts coded to collect fees from all types of transactions, i.e., buys, sells, and transfers, which are then diversified as:

- 8% rewards to holders in USDT.
-3% for strategic buyback funds.

-2% is used for Automatic liquidity on PancakeSwap

-1% contribution to project sustainability, ecosystem development, operations, and marketing.

The project’s contract has two different BuyBack systems which are fueled by a 3% Buy-back fee: Moonshot Buyback is a large buyback deployed strategically at specific moments and generates a big green candle in the chart. Moonshot is executed when the chart most needs it. When volume is low, the AutoBoost Buy-Back System kicks in, and small buys will happen to discourage early sellers. This creates a proper burn and guarantees the price per token will increase every time the buyback is activated.

EverGrow is also developing its Ecosystem around $EGC. It will include the world’s first NFT Lending and Loan platform, promoting more accessible liquidity in NFT & DeFi Space. It will allow NFT Owners to use their NFTs as Collateral and borrow against their value. The project also promises to charge Fair Interest Rates so that holders can raise funds without selling their NFTs. It is also developing a product that includes an Adult Content subscription platform where $EGC can be used for purchasing content, tipping & messaging content creators on the forum.

The project even includes a self-sustaining dApp platform set to bring a true revolution to the cryptocurrency space and set a new standard for security in DeFi. It consists of a swap exchange with a user-friendly interface that allows users to see their USDT reflections. 

EverGrow also plans to start its own Play-to-Earn game. Here, every type of "Hero" will boast its unique strengths and weaknesses. They will offer players daily login and earn NFT rewards while enjoying their gaming experience. These NFT's can both be used in built-in NFT marketplaces and trade with other players. Thus, Players will benefit from the rise of the in-game asset's economy.

It also plans to launch innovative Staking Pools or RBLOs. This will provide the token with sustainability and benefit the holders who will stake X token to earn Y token. Transferring their liquidity to Partnered Tokens by buying them through specific contracts is also their future endeavor so that the purchased tokens can be distributed amongst the participants of the Pool.

The developers of EverGrow have smartly bifurcated its Tokenecomics to make it more sustainable to market trends. 50% of its supply will be burned at the time of its launch and removed from circulation. The other 45% is in their reserve for pre-sale & Liquidity Lock on PancakeSwap, followed by the remaining 5% kept aside for airdrop and team members. 

EverGrow’s initial liquidity is locked on PancakeSwap with a lock-in period of 12 months, which cannot be withdrawn even by their team members. The team tokens are also locked & unlocked cyclically to mitigate their impact on the current price caused by sell-offs.

In this growing crypto world, the EverGrow token will be the first yield generation token that rewards its holders in USDT. It is establishing a revolutionary DeFi tokeneconomics with its out-of-the-box token distribution strategy. This will enable EverGrow to develop a platform that provides holders with stable passive income in USD

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