EVDC to Expand on the EV Blockchain Revolution by their Station-App Model

EVDC to Expand on the EV Blockchain Revolution by their Station-App Model

EVDC, the crypto-based EV charging project, is looking to expand its reach and business as it has announced that the company would be selling its Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers from now onwards. These chargers can easily be placed anywhere such as restaurant parking hotels etc. Anyone who buys the chargers would essentially be part of the whole EVDC ecosystem and would not have to handle the marketing end of the business as the application directs EV owners to the nearest charging station itself. 

For the buyers or “partners” in the charging business, the app would simply navigate users who require EV charging to your charging station. To avoid any kind of barriers, the application has eliminated the need for creating a member account. Instead, a guest account is generated that allows the user to connect to the charging station. Here, the user can pay in either fiat or EVDC tokens. 

With the recent events of Tesla canceling support for Bitcoin due to energy inefficiency, green energy is becoming the new talk of the town in the crypto space. Most projects including Ethereum, Solana, and Tron are now opting for energy-efficient approaches to reduce the carbon footprint. Since EVDC is a product based on the EV industry, it proudly markets the environmentally sustainable approach for the whole project. 


EVDC has partnered up with, a company that produces charging management software, charging management APIs, and end-to-end solutions for charging retail businesses. The network would also be available on the EVDC application map. 

About EVDC:

EVDC has contributed to the innovations in the crypto space by bringing in use cases for the electric vehicle industry. Having concerns for green energy, EVDC has tapped into the EV market where they are revolutionizing the approach to charging by integrating a deflationary token to the payment system of the charging stations. 

The whole ecosystem comprises of the following parts:

  • Charging stations
  • User Mobile Application
  • EVDC tokens

As stated earlier, investors can now be partners by getting the charging stations that promise a decent passive income stream. EV owners would download EVDC’s application where they would get easy navigation towards the nearest charging slot, hence eliminating all the hassle related to charging. The navigation would be done efficiently through algorithms that gather data from around the neighborhood and display the charging stations on a user-friendly open charge map. The application would also serve to be the interface that would help the users connect to the charging station. To make the whole process easier,  making membership accounts would not be mandatory for users and all the processes can be done through guest accounts. 

The most exciting parts of the project are the EVDC tokens. Not only are these tokens the medium for payment in addition to fiat in the ecosystem but they would also operate as an investment option due to the deflationary nature. 

The project attempts to keep the whole ecosystem deflationary, EVDC aims to burn 0.25% of the whole transaction volume every 168 hours or every 7 days. 

All in all, the solid use case coupled with the economy of the deflationary token makes EVDC one of the top projects to look forward to in 2021. Not only is the project promising an efficient EV charging assistance application but also a token that can allow investors to make huge returns if they hop on to the train early on. If the progress stays consistent with the roadmap, the EVDC tokens would be listed on major centralized exchanges in the future. As for now, the token is available on Uniswap and Pancakeswap. For more information on the project, you may visit the links below.

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