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Avalanche Integrates Wanchain’s Cross-Chain Solution to Enhance The Growth of Its Smart Contract Ecosystem

Avalanche Integrates Wanchain’s Cross-Chain Solution to Enhance The Growth of Its Smart Contract Ecosystem

Wanchain, a DeFi-focused blockchain interoperability platform, announced on September 7 that Avalanche has integrated its cross-chain infrastructure. According to the announcement, the move is set to enhance the growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications through cross-chain solutions. 

Avalanche is among the fastest smart contract blockchain platforms; the integration with Wanchain comes as a boost to its ecosystem as more people join the DeFi space. This smart contract platform will now be able to leverage Wanchain’s innovative, decentralised, non-custodial platform within its C-chain infrastructure. 

Wilson Wu, Avalanche’s Head of Asia, welcomed the collaboration, noting the underlying potential in Wanchain’s cross-chain solutions, 

“Wanchain has been working for years developing cross-chain bridges while emphasising high security standards and true decentralisation.” 

Wu went on to add that, 

“I’m inspired by their founder Jack, who leads a smart team to dive deep into cross-chain technology without distraction from the chaos of crypto market. We truly want to bring them into the Avalanche ecosystem to benefit all users.”

The two projects also announced a few upcoming initiatives that will mark the next phase of this collaboration. 

Looking Ahead 

Following the integration, Wanchain’s platform users will be exposed to the projects featured within Avalanche’s smart contract ecosystem. On the other hand, Wanchain is set to create new use cases for cross-chain compatible tokens such as wanLTC and WanXRP on Avalanche. As for Avalanche’s cross-chain token wanAVAX, Wanchain will introduce use cases on other public blockchains. 

Wanchain’s VP of Business Development and Operations Li Ni was keen to note the mutual benefits of this partnership, 

“Wanchain’s decentralised bridges open up exciting opportunities for developers throughout the Avalanche ecosystem to create powerful cross-chain applications. As DeFi increasingly becomes cross-chain, this integration expands both the Wanchain and Avalanche ecosystems to the benefit of all end-users.”

Notably, the Wanchain cross-chain infrastructure already supports popular blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, XRP Ledger, Litecoin, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, EOSIO and Moonriver. Avalanche’s addition to this network will further reinforce the value proposition of Wanchain as a leading cross-chain solution, setting the stage for the next era of DeFi applications. 

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