Watcher Guru’s Whale Watching & Voting Platform Explodes After Launching New Features

Watcher Guru’s Whale Watching & Voting Platform Explodes After Launching New Features

Watcher Guru is a new application that delivers a constant stream of unparalleled, real-time data covering all the biggest movements in the DeFi community. From Shiba Inu and Baby Doge to Safemoon and Elongate, all the Whales are right here and you can see their every move. 

Just under 2 months old, Watcher.Guru has seen explosive growth on their platform and on Social Media. More than half a million users have visited Watcher Guru’s new website and over 28,000 people follow them on Twitter. 

The information available on Watcher.Guru covers all types of users, wallets, platforms, and apps in the Defi community, including burn wallets, smart contracts, and whales. You can quickly and easily swap between tokens to see any wallet’s rank, address, current quantity, and 24-hour changes in one simple to view table. It's everything you need to keep a close eye on any big moves in the DeFi community, all on one convenient platform.

Watcher Guru reports on several markets' whale trading activity, including a wide range of tokens on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum. The information is provided on a rolling 24-hour cycle calculated using the current time in UTC (unless otherwise specified). Furthermore, Watcher.Guru is the first voting website to provide updated information whenever you refresh the page, including price, market cap, holders, and 24hr volume.

Watcher.Guru Features

The main features of the Watcher.Guru website is the new voting feature and the “Whale Tracking” feature, which is a long list of tokens, displaying all the information you need about the biggest whale activity in the DeFi space. The list of tokens is always growing but currently includes:

Safemoon, Shiba Inu, BabyDoge, Bonfire, Clucoin, Kittycake, Everrise, NFTArt, Wall Street Games, Daddy Doge, Kishu Inu, SafeMars, Useless Token, GMRFinance, ELonGate, Green Energy, Notsafemoon

Although you can't directly buy or sell any cryptocurrency via the platform just yet, you can get a birds-eye view of some of the biggest traders in the game. This helps investors and crypto enthusiasts to get a better idea about the broader industry activity and make more accurate trading decisions. Watcher Guru plans to add a “Swap” feature in the future. 

New Website Features 

Watcher.Guru recently rolled out a redesign of the website with new features last Sunday, August 1st, 2021. They added a range of new features plus updated some of the existing features, so be sure to check it out at Watcher.Guru.

Investment Disclaimer

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