Lattice Exchange Unveils New Launchpad To Support Blockchain Entrepreneurs 

Lattice Exchange Unveils New Launchpad To Support Blockchain Entrepreneurs 

DeFi platform Lattice Exchange has introduced Lattice Launchpad, an all-in-one platform for blockchain entrepreneurs. The platform will soon migrate to Constellation’s highly scalable and low-fee Hypergraph Network, delivering many additional benefits.

New Launchpad Offers Comprehensive Ecosystem For Digipreneurs

Lattice Exchange, one of the fastest growing DeFi platforms connecting multiple blockchains and facilitating seamless cryptocurrency transfers, unveiled its new launchpad, the Lattice Launchpad, on August 4, 2021. 

The Lattice Launchpad uses the $LTX token to secure allocations in new projects, providing an entire ecosystem for digital entrepreneurs to crowdfund projects, connect with cryptocurrency communities, and support new projects.

To improve the value proposition for new blockchain projects, the Lattice Exchange will soon migrate to the Constellation Hypergraph Network, the first truly decentralized and infinitely scalable DAG protocol. This move will enable the Lattice Launchpad to drastically reduce the high gas costs of the Ethereum chain. 

Owing to the migration, the Launchpad will also power other projects built on Hypergraph’s secure communications protocol (HGTP), those already incubated by the Constellation Network, and Constellation Flight Program initiatives to seamlessly co-exist and interact with each other.

Ben Jorgesen, CEO of Constellation and Lattice Exchange, said, “The Lattice LaunchPad is the first touchpoint to connect quality projects with crypto communities and traders. This will pave the way for projects to discover the Lattice Exchange and for their tokens to be freely traded without high gas fees prone to other DeFi platforms.”

Lattice’s new launchpad will support token projects based on the L_0 state channels (the token standard for Constellation Network) and those built on alternative networks, tapping into Hypergraph’s infinitely scalable DAG protocol. 

Since the L_0 state channels are serverless and operate in a decentralized and distributed format, they are relatively faster, scalable, and more versatile than comparable Ethereum-based smart contracts. The Constellation Hypergraph Network provides a scalable and secure distributed network architecture that validates data for enterprise and public sector clients, making it a highly desirable solution for futuristic tech startups.

One of the first projects to be listed and funded via the Lattice Launchpad is Alkimi Exchange, the first decentralized ad exchange built on Constellation’s Hypergraph. This upcoming project has been working with Constellation’s incubation team since March 2021, intending to disrupt the $340 billion digital advertising industry. Leveraging Constellation’s scalability, speed, and low fees, Alkimi Exchange will officially launch its staking allocations on the Lattice Launchpad from August 11, 2021.

Per Ben Putley, CEO of Alkimi Exchange,

“We have been searching for a feeless, high speed, and infinitely scalable solution to host the digital advertising auction on the blockchain, and Constellation’s Hypergraph makes this possible. As the first project incubated by Constellation, the decision to launch via Lattice was a straightforward one to make as we wouldn’t be in this position without the Constellation community. We are building an ecosystem built on transparency, efficiency and fairness all of which are key parts of Lattice’s vision.”


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