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KwikTrust: The Next Generation of Digital Signing

KwikTrust: The Next Generation of Digital Signing

One of the most tiresome and time-consuming processes in the crypto ecosystem is the validation of transactions. Depending on the blockchain, the validation process can take a significant amount of time and requires continuous monitoring until it happens. To solve this problem, the crypto world needs a platform that can automate all the validation and management processes such as KwikTrust.

KwikTrust offers exceptional services to manage and validate contracts by storing them on blockchain. The company aims to simplify the validation process by keeping track of all contracts and their expiration dates. 

KwikTrust - Next Generation Digital Signing

KwikTrust is a due diligence software-as-a-service platform that fastens the file validation and verification process while providing provenance and legal protection. The company helps to manage time-sensitive files online, such as contracts that have expiry dates, by sending out prompts when reaching the expiration date. 

KwikTrust makes it easier to manage and use the contracts for legal cases by collating evidence before all parties, saving the user time, and expense. Also, as all the contracts are stored on the blockchain, they are immutable and tamper-proof, making efficient proof data when in need. 

KwikTrust records intellectual property on the blockchain to assure provenance and will offer the ability to mint them into an NFT, creating a transferable asset. The platform also helps in onboarding clients for legal, financial, and accounting services, using KYC and creating a network of files visible through privileged access. 

Users can record property deeds and transactions as NFTs while collaborating with all parties. Along with these services, KwikTrust also allows users to record, sign and validate contracts, accounts, invoices, references, qualifications, identities, intellectual property, video, and audio files, and undertake KYC and anti-money laundering checks.

New features of the KwikTrust platform which makes it a resourceful addition to the crypto ecosystem are:

  • Users can create projects with user authentication (2FA, 30 seconds 6 digit token) and project access.
  • Upload documents that record the origin of intellectual property.
  • View hashes and validation details using a blockchain explorer.
  • Easily manage time-sensitive files using internal and external file validators.
  • KwikTrust is powered by hyperledger fabric permissioned blockchain,
  • Store files in storage formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOCX, XLSX, PPT, MOV, MPV
  • KwikTrust provides APIs and API documentation.
  • The platform comes with regulated and integrated KYC and AML with a FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS approved risk, and regulatory approach.

By storing all the contracts on the blockchain, KwikTrust ensures that these contracts are immutable and easily accessible. Also, KwikTrust offers easy sharing of the contracts and efficient audit trail management as all activities are recorded on the blockchain in real-time. These features are beneficial when dealing with regulatory compliances and legal procedures as it gives the user detailed trail of all the activities. 

Moreover, complexity of the crypto space is also a roadblock that KwikTrust eliminates by offering an intuitive dashboard with a built-in traffic light system that notifies the users about time-sensitive measures. Users can create workspaces for a project where collaborators can work with the clients, partners and suppliers with ease. Also, the project manager can assign restrictions on data access according to the worker’s profile. 

The crypto ecosystem is ever-evolving and needs more tools such as KwikTrust for efficient and hassle-free management of different aspects. KwikTrust is a great addition for large-scale projects that require constant monitoring of contracts with legal protection. To learn more about KwikTrust, visit KwikTrust 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.