Constellation Network Rolls Out Stargazer Wallet v2.1 Version with Ethereum Support

Constellation Network Rolls Out Stargazer Wallet v2.1 Version with Ethereum Support

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Stargazer Wallet, a cross-chain functional browser extension wallet, has released a new update that adds support for the Ethereum blockchain and its associated ETH tokens.

Announced by Constellation Network, in collaboration with Stardust Collective, Stargazer v2.1 is a step forward to make it a multi-cryptocurrency compatible wallet. It also enables a higher level of interoperability between ETH projects and Constellation Network’s platform.

The previous versions of Stargazer Wallet, which onboarded nearly 20k users, have been limited to holding and transacting Constellation Network’s native token, dubbed $DAG. The recent upgrade, however, extends the wallet’s interoperability capacity to include $ETH and the ERC-20 technical standard, which underpins all Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Stargazer users are now able to transact Constellation’s two associated tokens, $DAG and Lattice Exchange token ($LTX), alongside $ETH in one place. The latest version includes the ability to add frequently used addresses as contacts, as well as importing existing Ethereum wallets using a private key or JSON file.

The move has been welcomed by the community members since it will open the door for further integrations in the future. The company has more plans to increase the wallet’s utility further down the road, including interoperability with more tokens and blockchains.

The Stargazer Wallet was created by ‘Constellation Network’ community members who have been lined up under a decentralized open-source organization, called Stardust Collective. The group counts contributors from all around the world and focuses on producing companion dApps and tools built on Constellation’s Hypergraph network.

Constellation Network is a supporter of cross-chain interoperability which it says helps increase interest in what the San Francisco-based big data company offers. That said, the addition of the Ethereum blockchain is not an end in itself as the firm wants to build an ecosystem that allows interaction and boosts awareness.

Constellation expands partners network

The latest release features the ability to swap currencies beyond $DAG/$ETH as all ERC20 tokens based on the ETH blockchain will be available as tradable assets.

“Our goal with the Constellation Network Ecosystem is to provide products and services that make it extremely easy to navigate the cryptocurrency industry without worrying about high transaction fees. The Stargazer Wallet is one of the most essential pieces to crypto, and plants the first seed in enabling currencies to flow between different ecosystems. This is a massive step towards giving power back to cryptocurrency holders and mainstream adoption,” said Ben Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation Network and Lattice Exchange.

The initial launch of the Stargazer v2.1 extension is on Google Chrome, but Constellation Network plans to add support for other browsers in the near future.

As unveiled in a statement today, the new release should also bring more yield farming opportunities to DeFi users. As such, it is a major milestone to bolster the adoption of Lattice Exchange, which has already come a long way since its initial launch in 2020 .

As part of its ongoing work to expand the adoption of its ecosystem and associated tokens, Constellation Network and its primary exchange, Lattice, have announced partnerships with several crypto exchanges to ramp up listings of their respective tokens.

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