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Metis Launches Layer 2 Testnet and Development Program

Metis Launches Layer 2 Testnet and Development Program

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Metis, an Ethereum layer 2 solution, has announced the opening of its Beta Testnet to the development community. Metis seeks to provide solutions for aiding the transition of business from Web2 to Web3, and this marks the next step in going fully live with their layer 2 based on the spirit of Optimistic Rollups. 

After the successful launch of Metis’ alpha test network in April, the Beta Testnet will allow developers to finally begin deploying and testing smart contracts in a scalable and cost-effective environment. 

Ethereum, the most used blockchain for decentralized finance, has lately become a difficult space for development on the EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine, where transaction times have slowed and fees have reached exorbitant levels during high traffic periods. This has slowed progress for developers wishing to interact with the massive amount of potential currently offered by working on Ethereum. 

Metis Creates Blockchain Solutions for Aspiring Projects and Businesses

Metis promises to offer a layer 2 for Ethereum where transactions can be made at lightning fast speeds and for pennies, solving many of the problems facing new projects targeting the blockchain community. 

In addition to launching their Beta Testnet, Metis has announced an Ecosystem Development Program, or EDP, in order to help projects of all kinds move onto Web3 via solutions like layer 2. 

The program will focus on helping existing blockchain projects as well as projects looking to move onto the blockchain realm. The EDP has been launched in hopes of helping these projects further disrupt industries while using Metis’ tech. 

Building a Blockchain Community While Testing New Limits 

According to Metis Co-Founder and CEO Elena Sinelnikovat, “We are excited to move to the next stage of our progress as a leading provider of layer 2 scalability. From the beginning, we’ve remained focused on working closely with our community, using their input to build the best platform possible.” 

Community feedback will prove essential to the fully functional deployment of Metis’ layer 2. CEO Sinelnikova went on to say, “We look forward to getting a fresh round of essential feedback in this Beta Testnet phase, so we can make all the improvements and refinements necessary to deliver a layer 2 solution that will be second to none.” 

Thanks to the Alphanet’s launch, Metis has integrated support for multi-MVM and multi-sequencing. The Betanet release leads up to the June 30 release of Metis middleware, a frontend that will allow novice developers an easy to use interface for creating dApps. A fully deployed mainnet where users with little to no blockchain experience can create dApps in a secure, fast, and low-cost environment is expected to launch in September. 

Developers who would like to participate in deploying their smart contracts on the Beta Testnet can apply here


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