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Stargazer Wallet Gets Charitable With Givebox Integration

Stargazer Wallet Gets Charitable With Givebox Integration

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The Stargazer Wallet from the Stardust Collective team is now available in the Google Chrome Store with the ability to buy Constellation ($DAG) while also donating to Givebox. By combining payment processing with fundraising tools, the Stardust and Givebox teams have unlocked the gift of giving for Constellation holders. 

Constellation Network is a decentralized network and ecosystem which enables communications with previous big data infrastructures and coordination between blockchains. Their distributed network, Hypergraph, allows for trustless interactions and scalability between enterprises. 

Thanks to the latest integration from the Stardust Collective team, buying $DAG is now quicker, easier and more charitable than ever.

Benevolently Filling Your Bag With $DAG

When loading up $DAG on your Stargazer wallet with debit or credit on the Stargazer Wallet, a percentage of the processing fees will go directly to the non-profit organizations that work with Givebox. Filling your bag with DAG means you are giving to a higher cause, something that many traders never have the opportunity or take the initiative to do on their own. 

Blockchain technology has long been underutilized in the fundraising world. A good chunk of nonprofits simply do not have the capital to afford the technology that comes with fundraising with blockchain. The nonprofits that can afford to use blockchain and opt not to do so are behind the curve. 

The average middleman takeaway from non-profit donations is 27%, a truly jaw-dropping statistic. Typical credit card processing fees average around 2-5%. In an innovative pivot, Givebox is being integrated directly into the Stargazer Wallet, allowing for a direct line of donations to be funneled in from the typical credit card processing fees. 

On top of this, Constellation will be donating directly to social impact and environmental causes through the Stardust Foundation which was formed by Constellation Network and Stardust Collective.

“This is a big leap in bridging cryptocurrency with nonprofits that are changing lives, impacting humanity, and improving environmental conditions around the globe,” said Benjamin Jorgensen, Constellation CEO. He continued, “working with Givebox, a payment facilitator, ensures that merchant and donor data is secure while giving back to local communities. Our scalable protocol, HGTP, and ecosystem will now have an immediate positive impact on the world.”

The Magic of Givebox

Givebox is an innovative DeFi banking platform that has combined payment processing and fundraising tools to eliminate subscription fees for non-profits. On the frontlines of non-profit tech, Givebox protects both receiving organizations and donors. Their Givebox Cyber Security is used by Amex, Visa/Mastercard, Discover and many other banks to protect payment data from hackers and imposters. 

“This partnership between Givebox and Constellation, which seamlessly blends classic payments and banking with modern blockchain technology, will transform the financial industry for small merchants and nonprofits,” said Joshua Rowley, Givebox CEO. “We are thrilled to have a role in such a historic undertaking, which will elevate countless charitable endeavors.” 

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