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Stratis partners with C# Corner, the largest group of C# developers in the world

Stratis partners with C# Corner, the largest group of C# developers in the world

Stratis has today announced a partnership with C# Corner that will expand its developer reach considerably. C# Corner’s 3M plus members will now be able to build on the Stratis blockchain platform using the C# programming language. 

The partnership will include several strands. There will be a Stratis Blockchain Development Team which will consist of C# Corner members. This team will be looking to leverage Stratis technologies to develop practical use cases that will demonstrate the capability of the Stratis platform. 

Also, Hackathon events will be organised every quarter. This will be done in conjunction with the C# Corner community, whereby prizes pools will be provided to those who can show the best use cases for the Stratis smart contract solution. 

In addition, the partnership will sponsor the Certified Stratis Blockchain Expert (CSBE) certification program. This is aimed at those developing blockchain solutions using Stratis technology within corporate environments. The program will promote best practises for blockchain concepts and feasibility, as set forth by the Stratis core development team. 

Stratis will also provide instructor-led tutorials and how-to sessions for C# Corner developers who are looking to up-skill in the area of Blockchain development. 

The ultimate aim is for Stratis to foster a huge network of developers who can design, build and implement applications on the Stratis Blockchain. The growth of such a large and knowledgeable group of developers should certainly encourage adoption of Stratis solutions. 

About C# Corner 

C# Corner is one of the largest developer communities for C# and .Net, reaching almost 5 million developers a month. It provides daily updates on software development news, and has 1.2 million followers on Facebook and several thousand on Twitter. 

C# Corner members share knowledge on articles and forums. The organisation organises several conferences globally that are attended by prominent developers around the world. The C# Corner MVP program recognises and awards the top developers and thought-leaders in this space. 

About Stratis 

The Stratis platform is based on the Microsoft .Net core. This makes it eminently useable for creating blockchain solutions for those who are accustomed to using the C# programming language. 

Through the use of their blockchain platform, Stratis provides unprecedented security, reliability and performance. It is the only blockchain platform to offer end-to-end Microsoft solutions, using the .Net Core Framework. 

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