Market intelligence platform Blockdata lists Dusk Network to significantly increase its market adoption

Market intelligence platform Blockdata lists Dusk Network to significantly increase its market adoption

Blockdata is a major market intelligence platform recently acquired by CB Insights. After thorough vetting, Dusk Network has become the latest addition to its impressive array of company profiles. The move will expose Dusk Network to a plethora of enterprises looking for blockchain solutions. 

Blockdata’s new parent company CB Insights is a large technology insights platform used by major companies such as Microsoft, Nestle, and Salesforce. This now allows Blockdata to significantly expand its operations and to thereby enable Dusk Network to gain the higher visibility that it deserves. 

Jonathan Knegtel, General Manager of Blockdata, explained the thinking behind where his company was headed: 

“The driving force behind what we do is our desire to accelerate blockchain adoption and understanding. You can expect a content series after our launch in April, and continued build-out of our platform to make it an even more robust place for companies to show off their developments. Simply put we are ready to connect the dots between the supply and demand sides of the global blockchain market.” 

According to Dusk Network, the advantages of being profiled on the leading intelligence platform are that this will enable them to be included in the Blockdata optimised search engine used by vendors, specialised markets and much more. 

“One of the first major steps to increase our visibility is for Dusk Network’s enhanced profile to feature on the technology intelligence platform, detailing the intricacies and benefits our DLT provides corporations. Major enterprises will be able to learn about Dusk Network technology quickly through the Blockdata platform, which is backed by the extensive CB Insights network.” said Jelle Pol, Business Director at Dusk Network. 

The Blockdata platform has undergone reworking and relaunched two days ago. The first cohort of 35 blockchain vendors is now listed. Dusk Network is among these first highlighted companies and takes its place in the “Development Platform & Infrastructure / Asset Tokenization” section, alongside Stacs.  

The main use cases highlighted for Dusk Network are Asset Tokenisation, Infrastructure, and Privacy. In the section explaining what Dusk Network does it reads that “companies use the Dusk Network to power financial applications, issue tokens, trade and collaborate on a global scale.” 

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