Here's Another NFT First: Grammy Award Winner Al Walser Releases NFT Album

Here's Another NFT First: Grammy Award Winner Al Walser Releases NFT Album

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The much anticipated Al Walser NFT drop is launching on the Rarible NFT marketplace and Open Sea today. Al Walser is the first Grammy award winner to enter the NFT world. 

The album, "Al Walser Comes 2 Life", will have an unreleased track, and the highest bidder of the auction will also be getting the flag that Walser carried during his appearance at the Grammy's. 

Walser said,

"This album means a lot to me, it's a direct result of what happened after that pivotal cultural moment years ago. It's no surprise it has a very raw and modern Rock'N'Roll edge all throughout."

Al Walser, One Of The Music Business' Giggest Unicorns

The value of an NFT is directly proportional to the story and scarcity it carries, and Walser checks all the boxes. Al Walser is a Swiss-born Liechtenstein singer, songwriter, and record producer residing in Los Angeles, CA. His 2012 Grammy nomination caused ripples throughout the music industry as he was an artist who came into the limelight out of nowhere. 

Walser won the Grammy in 2020, making him the award's biggest underdog with music producers such as Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and Diplo cheering for him. President Obama follows him on Twitter too. Walser's success continues strong as his 2 hour Christmas TV Special was a 2021 EMMY® contender. It was one of the most seen Holiday Specials released in 2020.

NFTs Continue Being Explosively Popular

With Walser's album, NFT collectors will be buying a rare scarcity that promises to hold a highly valuable secondary market. The NFT craze has swept the art and music world by a storm. Artists and creators are exploring all the possibilities the emerging blockchain technology has to offer. NFTs were first created in 2017 and have changed the digital art world since. 

In recent weeks, the music NFTs that made big headlines have been from 3lau, Kings Of Leon, and Grimes. 3lau sold his Ultraviolet album for $11.6 Million. Kings Of Leon released their new album as a series that raised $2 million. Out of that, $600,000 will go to Live Nation's Crew Nation fund to help support live music crews during the pandemic. 

Grimes sold a collection of ten pieces of animated images set to original music for a total of $6 million. These sales include fan perks as well. NFTs continues to be an excellent way for artists and creators to monetize their work and maintain their connection to fans. 

Rarible’s Statement on Walser’s NFT

Rarible is an NFT marketplace where artists and creators can issue and sell custom NFTs and utilizes the $RARI token. Masha Vyazemsky, Head of Communications of Rarible, said,

"We're excited to be exploring the use cases for NFTs in music, and to support fantastic artists such as Al Walser among the pioneers in the space."

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