Netbox.Global releases the Mobile Netbox.Browser

Netbox.Global releases the Mobile Netbox.Browser

Netbox.Global, a modern blockchain company, touches the next point on its roadmap and launches the mobile version of the Netbox.Browser.

Now users can enjoy private surfing on the internet, not just on desktop, but on the go too. 

What is Netbox.Browser?

It is how people can regain their privacy.

In a world dominated by tech giants, the development team has thought of a way to keep everyone’s internet activity private, providing security against malicious actors around the world. 

And finally, they developed the first web browser built on a blockchain network.

This way, users can navigate the web without third parties using their data. The Netbox.Browser represents a much better option for private surfing than the Incognito mode, which can still store your activity.

The app is built on the Netbox.Chain blockchain and it decentralizes online activity. Each browser is a node, which makes the network fully transparent.

And with the Mobile Netbox.browser, this technology can be stored in any pocket.

What does the Netbox.Global ecosystem offer?

The decentralized browser is not the only thing people can enjoy. Netbox is an entire ecosystem built with the goal of providing users with everything the internet has to offer. But without making it possible for third parties to track their activity - regardless of their purpose. 

Apart from the Netbox.Browser, the ecosystem offers:

  • Blockchain games;
  • DAPP stores;
  • Cryptocurrency news feed;
  • Crypto rates toolbar;
  • Decentralized lottery;
  • Multi-currency crypto wallet.

But that’s not all - the ecosystem also offers Netbox.Coins as a reward for microtasks. For example, the first 125,000 people who download the Netbox.Browser will receive 20 NBX.

Does Netbox have other projects under development?


The team consists of 18 hard-working visionary members. They set out to make the most out of blockchain technology, and they will keep their word. 

Right now, the following apps are under development, and there will be more in the future:

  • Netbox.Defi - which makes traditional bank activities decentralized.

It would be faster and safer if third parties could not manage people's economic activities. Netbox will offer private staking, lending, and prediction markets.

  • Netbox.Pay - which makes crypto payments possible on POSs.

Each user could purchase their NBX card and then use the wallet to access the coins needed.

  • Netbox.Bridge - which offers users the opportunity to swap coins across multiple chains.

Across three main blockchains, to be more specific - Netbox, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. The NBX bridge is designed to provide scalability and connectivity. Thus, regardless of the number of payments, the network always operates in standard parameters.

These are the main ones, but the list contains multiple decentralized apps for voting, video sharing, image storage, and so on. 

More details and updates regarding Netbox’s activity on social media channels:






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