Delchain boosts the network

Delchain boosts the network

Leading digital asset financial services provider Delchain Limited, has just announced that it has launched a core channel node on the network. As well as validating the network this will hasten full decentralisation of the entire DeFi ecosystem. 

Traditional finance is eyeing the DeFi space keenly and banks especially are looking to connect with infrastructure providers in order to enhance their transactional abilities. 

Lack of full decentralisation is a problem today, in that dApps are often obliged to use centralised servers such as AWS or Google Cloud. Even with such big companies running them the centralised aspect of servers make them a target for exploits and outages can certainly occur. 

It was for this reason that Delchain, a subsidiary of the Deltec International Group, made the decision to go with the fast and reliable cross-chain solution. Not only will Delchain be able to take advantage of full decentralisation, but it will also strengthen the network by running the core channel node. 

Deltec Bank forms a part of the largest private banking group in the Caribbean and its Delchain arm already caters to the likes of Kraken, Tether, Bitfinex and others in the line of financial services. 

Delchain CEO Bruno Macchialli said of the cooperation: 

“Supporting’s node infrastructure not only allows us to actively support the decentralized ecosystem, but to also facilitate full decentralization across the space. Working with is a mutually beneficial decision, and one we anticipate will drive the DeFi space to new heights.” 

Moshe Malawach, Lead Developer and CEO, expressed excitement with the Delchain node and the cooperation with the leading financial entity when he remarked: 

“Having well-established firms like Delchain operating nodes within our network not only furthers our mission of helping dApps achieve a fully decentralized architecture, but also establishes as a major force in the blockchain space, and a viable solution for projects navigating the DeFi and Web 3.0 movements.” 

The Delchain core channel node launch is another feather in the cap of which has recently integrated with successful and prominent crypto projects Solana, Avalanche and Serum. The decentralised cloud services will help to bring interchain liquidity and aid expansion of the DeFi space in general. 

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