PWAY: the first blockchain platform for game development

PWAY: the first blockchain platform for game development

Polish game development studio Playway has announced the launch of a blockchain platform for generating ideas for game mechanics and virtual worlds. Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Playway is going to use the Need for Game Idea platform (available at to enable players from all over the world to submit ideas, the best of which will be realized. The projects will be created by the internal studios of the PlayWay group. 200 development teams from 120 companies will work with the platform. Idea creators will be rewarded with PWAY tokens, digital tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bringing together a multi-million audience, the platform will provide users with access to exclusive content available only on the PlayWay.

After registering on the platform using their Steam account, users will be able to share their ideas for creating games. Each user will be able to submit only one idea, for which he will receive 1 PWAY token. Authors of the best ideas will be invited for further cooperation with the company. After concluding a copyright transfer agreement, they will receive 100 PWAY, as well as 5% profit from the sale of the game based on the presented concept, if it is finally implemented and released.

Unique and thoughtful game ideas are the most valuable asset for Playway. The company specializes in simulation games. Usually, it takes 1.5-2 years from the beginning of development to the release of the game. It is worth mentioning Car Mechanic Simulator or House Flipper, which earned several million dollars each. Thanks to a large number of autonomous teams, PlayWay can develop up to 200 games simultaneously.

“We want to use the full potential of our fans, enabling them to create their dream games and many unique activities within the Playway gaming community” — comments Marek Parzyński, president of Pway from the PlayWay Group, developing the PWAY concept.

The company is not focused on raising funds from the cryptocurrency market, like most ICOs. The basis of the project economy is formed by the players, scriptwriters, and platform developers. Payment of royalties to the authors of the best ideas that are sent for development will be made in tokens bought out on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Stay tuned for project updates to find out the timing of listing on the exchanges and other updates to the first blockchain platform for implementing the ideas of the community!


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