How to Gain Crypto while having Fun

How to Gain Crypto while having Fun

How to Gain Crypto while having Fun

Right now, the world acknowledges cryptocurrencies much better, from sellers to real estate agents and academic institutions. Big investors like Elon Musk got on board, especially after the bull market from the beginning of this year. 

We also have tools that can swap our crypto to fiat automatically. This domain is clearly in the spotlight right now, and it’s very exciting for newcomers.

However, we also have veterans who got bored of mining, staking, and forex trading. And if you can relate, then this article is what you need.

We gathered here some of the most entertaining ways to get cryptocurrencies, perfect for those who want a fresh new start in the crypto business.

1. Join team trading contests

Crypto trading websites organize team tournaments from time to time, which gives extra motivation. Some competitions even offer different award types - one for the team, one for the leader, one for the best team player, etc.

The prizes depend on the degree of commitment, which makes it really exciting. A healthy race between team members doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

2. Try out faucet distributions

There are platforms like FaucetPay that give their users rewards if they watch ads on their partner websites. And usually, they don’t get past 15 seconds – just take a big sip of your morning coffee, and you’ve got yourself a new pair of assets. 

3. Step up your crypto strategy with yield farming

This is a technique suited to business enthusiasts. It requires patience and strong negotiation skills. The goal is to gain a compound interest, also known as “interest-on-interest”.

The rules are the following:

  • You lend some cryptocurrencies to somebody - with interest, of course;
  • That person is going to lend them to a third player;
  • The third player continues with the same game action.

The greater the chain is, the bigger the interest value will be. 

4. Start crypto gambling

Gambling was around for centuries, and we can't see how this could ever collapse. It is in human nature, despite the risk, to face obstacles with a sense of adrenaline. When you succeed in winning something so rare, it feels way more ecstatic.

And gambling with crypto is even better due to their high volatility. 

5. Go for a hunt in the token territory

The crypto domain is very unpredictable, and, most of the time, what seems weak in the beginning turns out to be an attendant to the podium. 

Recent tokens are built on the latest technologies, and that makes them rich with benefits. FEY token, for example, was released a few weeks ago, in December 2020, and it comes completely free alongside discounts and reward points. 

So, stop working with “the celebrities” and give newcomers a chance – you will be surprised how much they can offer.

Ready for a new start?

Crypto business will never become boring as long as developers use their imagination empowered by true passion. So, restart your game and explore side quests! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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