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Musicoin partners with Skale Network to leverage their second layer solution

Musicoin partners with Skale Network to leverage their second layer solution

It’s been announced that the music streaming app Musicoin has partnered with Skale Network in order to take advantage of free gas fees and ultra-fast transactions 

We’ve all heard of the many artist vs record company stories out there – and most of them didn’t end well for the artist. Michael Jackson fell out with Sony and made the following accusation: 

"The recording companies really, really do conspire against the artists -- they steal, they cheat, they do everything they can.” 

Prince had a famous feud with Warner Bros. He was so upset that the record company had too much control over his music that he appeared in public with the word ‘Slave’ emblazoned across his face. 

These are two high-profile cases among the countless examples of musicians being unfairly exploited.  

Smart contracts on the Blockchain now appear to solve this problem so that artists can receive their proper share when their music is played, without intermediaries soaking up most of the money. 

What is Musicoin? 

Musicoin is a downloadable music streaming app. It has already supplied 6 million streams to listeners and has paid 10 million $MUSIC to musicians. With intelligent use of smart contracts, Musicoin is able to pay the artists fairly. 

“By using smart contracts Musicoin is able to pay musicians in real time without the need for a middle man. This ensures Musicoin can send a bigger piece of the pie to the musicians themselves.” 

Skale Network Blog. 

Musicoin also wants to give independent artists the ability to upload their own music for the use of fans, and to receive all the rights to this music for themselves. 

Why the Skale Network? 

Skale is an “elastic” open-source Web3 platform that offers a speedy and configurable second layer solution which is more accessible and friendly to developers and users. 

Musicoin looked at all the second layer solutions and decided that Skale was the best fit for them. They no longer have to maintain their blockchain and now it is gas-free and much faster. 

“Ethereum is the best blockchain for developers but it comes with some drawbacks after deployment, like high transaction fees and congestion. Skale is the best second layer solution solving these issues and adding even more possibilities that Ethereum could only dream of on its own.” 

Ben Gyles - Lead Developer at Musicoin. 

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