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Welcome to Timers, Where Time is the New Form of Cash

Welcome to Timers, Where Time is the New Form of Cash

John is a piano teacher, and Mary is a graphic designer. Mary has always wanted to learn the piano, while John needs a new logo for his music business. Instead of paying for these services in money, both of these people are able to trade, or accumulate a store of value through offering something that is available to everyone... time.

Imagine a world where you can pay with your time instead of your money. A world that offers the possibility of using new technologies, and applying them to the creation of a new and evolved form of currency through an application-based ecosystem.

Blockchain technology brought new possibilities and an alternative to the traditional financial market. And now, with new forms of digital money providing other financial options, the face of conventional labour is rapidly changing.

With new ecosystems coming to the fore, and old structures being replaced by new ones, decentralisation, blockchain technologies, and the changing face of the global economy, are paving the way for a new financial revolution. A fourth financial revolution is at hand, replacing the traditional financial structures that have for so long been a fundamental part of our social system.

One such alternative approach to the conventional labor market is being led by TIMERS. This project seeks to add value to the digital marketplace through the fundamental value of time. Time is our greatest asset, but one that up until now, has not been afforded its real value.

Time as an asset

The team behind TIMERS is creating an application for local and global trade, with the focus on human connection and collaboration at the forefront. Their IPM Token (Income per minute) measures value in time. Time that can be bought and sold through trading, offering services, and products, based on individual needs and skills.

With common phrases such as ‘too little time’, ‘not enough time’, ‘out of time’ - in popular verbiage, it is clear that we place value on our time. Rather than viewing it as an asset however, time is associated with ‘lack’.

Changing the way we think about time will produce a greater relationship with ourselves, with those around us, and as well as giving greater value to our skills and what we can offer to others. Rather than focusing on time as something we do not have enough of, or indeed something to fear, TIMERS is keen to offer people a way of collaborating that brings out the intrinsic value of the individual.

The notion that every individual has an intrinsic value, is fundamental to the TIMERS project. This universal way of measuring the set of skills an individual has, is through time. In this way, and through their IPM token, time becomes money.

Main features

The way that these goods and services will be exchanged is via an online forum. This forum is a central place where individuals can securely meet and connect, as well as trade and offer services both online and offline in the form of geo-based and near field communication. TIMERS IPM token allows you to earn money through a ‘timed verification minting’ (TVM) which is a proof of value creation which is the basis for minting IPM. TVM will take place in two stages:

Stage 1: Tokens will be minted and distributed to holders once new users join the Timers App and set up an IPM account.

Stage 2: At this stage tokens will be minted and distributed to holders allowing these holders to earn a basic income.

The ways in which TIMERS can be used to create real life value is almost endless. From paying for services such as UBER or Airbnb, offering freelance services, or trading goods and items on a marketplace (both offline, and online).

If you want to support the vision behind TIMERS you can become an early-investor. Participants will be able to save up to 65% in their on-going token pre-sale, which is running until September 28th 8am EST.

Undoubtedly the world of traditional finance is set to change. And while it is clear that the blockchain will be a major factor in this new technological and financial revolution, new projects such as TIMERS show us that there is still room for further innovation and new ecosystems offering sustainable alternatives to the financial space.

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