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Program Funding Manager at UNICEF Explains why They Teamed up With Ethereum

Program Funding Manager at UNICEF Explains why They Teamed up With Ethereum
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UNICEF, originally known as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund has been a god send since it was created by the UN general assembly following World War II in December of 1946. 

Typically, when disaster strikes somewhere in the world, the quick delivery of care will play a massive role in being able to prevent disease, exposure and the pause of the delivery of essential services. Not only help the situation in general but also helping it from getting worse.

As previously reported by CryptoDaily earlier this month, UNICEF are getting ready to launch their own crypto fund supporting both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Given that the charity organisation is funded mostly by governments, the move to enter the crypto space is an ironic one. 

The fund is aimed at supporting the development of open-source technology that benefits young people throughout the world. 

UNICEF said, “under the structure of the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund, contributions will be held in their cryptocurrency of contribution, and granted out in the same cryptocurrency.” 

Horus Hughes for CT recently spoke to the Program Funding Manager for UNICEF Innovation, Sunita Grote to learn more about the project.


Hughes starts off by asking Grote about how she got involved with UNICEF and got involved with the space. 

She responds, saying:

“I’ve been with UNICEF innovation for 5 years. I co-founded and manage the fiat fund, where we make investments in startups that are working in the countries UNICEF operates in.”

She continues:

“Prior to joining UNICEF, I worked in health programming for about 10 years and I saw the need for approaching health services and other social services that impact children in a new way. The Innovation Fund allows UNICEF to explore innovative financing and new technology solutions.”


In asking what made the organisation team up with the Ethereum foundation, Grote says:

“We had a number of conversations with leading foundations and partners in the space. It was clear that the Ethereum Foundation is closely aligned with the objectives of our fund. They’re focused on developing solutions on public blockchains, and that was key to our partnership and finding common ground. “

This was only part of the interview, however. But if you wish to read the rest, click here to find out more. 

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